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    Thanks for checking out Silph Co.! Right now things are very much still in development with things like themes, guidelines, rules and most importantly content, still being a WIP. The staff and our members are actively working to make the community more homey for you. In the mean time, we are welcoming feedback and suggestions if you have them in the Feedback section.
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Sagiri's latest activity

  • Sagiri
    Hall of Fame Expanded Pokémon Fix Fixes an issue where expanded Pokémon above index 0x1FF do not show up correctly in the Hall of Fame...
  • Sagiri
    Summary Screen Wraps Around Allows you to hit Up on the summary screen of the first Pokémon in the party to move to the last Pokémon in...
  • Sagiri
    Evolution Moves Basically, it adds in support for Gen VII-style evolution moves. These are moves that are learned upon evolution...