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  1. Rainbow Chara X

    Let's Play Dark Rising 2 and Order Destroyed (LP #4 / #4.5)

    [Title theme for this go-around: Gradus Vita] (Originally made on January 8th, 2017) I've been waiting a long time for this day. The beast has returned. For the uninitiated, Dark Rising 2 is part of a Pokemon rom hack series made by the eponymous Dark Rising Girl - long story short, the...
  2. Rainbow Chara X

    Let's Play Pokemon Dark Rising 1! (LP #3)

    [Black Dream] (Originally made on April 22nd, 2016) Dear god, what sort of trouble have I gotten myself into now? Pokemon Dark Rising is a FireRed rom hack created by the eponymous DarkRisingGirl in 2012. Dark Rising is supposed to be a darker and more serious take on the Pokemon series's...
  3. Rainbow Chara X

    Let's Play Pokemon Snakewood! (LP #1)

    (Originally made on November 10th, 2015) Oh goodness, what do we have here? Pokemon Snakewood is a Ruby rom hack released in 2010 or so by a man called Cutlerine. It's a hack where Hoenn is overrun with zombies and the entire region is falling apart. When I first saw this, I thought it was...
  4. Rainbow Chara X

    Hey there.

    So long story short, I heard about this place from my good buddy AntipathicZora (or Zora for short) and I figured I might as well drop in to say hello. I'm a let's player that works with a screenshot format and while I've dabbled with rom hacking here and there, I'm kind of a scrub when it comes...