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  1. Bronzeswagger

    Bronzeswaggers Signature GFX Shop

    Before you read any further!! Please take note that this is just for fun. I love doing graphics work, I'm not trying to compete with anyone or do this out of selfish reasons. There are other graphics designers most likely on the forum, and they probably do greater work than me. But if you simply...
  2. Bronzeswagger

    Pokemon Crystal Sequel

    I've done ROM hacks before, however, due to lack of expertise in the subject, lack of time, and lack of a proper release with new(-ish) material of anything I ever done. Tbh, I've been afraid to even try at times thinking I'd never succeed. Hopefully, I can change that with a little story...
  3. Bronzeswagger

    Suggestion A forum specifically for Art-based projects or help?

    Keep in mind Pia, I haven't looked all over the sight yet, today is my first day here. But I haven't seen any kind of forum or channel that could be devoted to art outside of pokemon gaming? I also had it in mind recently to devote myself here for creating signatures since as you can see I...
  4. Bronzeswagger


    New here, but if you knew me elsewhere, then good for you. I'm Bronzeswagger, lover of anything anime, music, food, video games, and cats. Also a Gen 2 spriter from time to time and make contributions any way I can to the Gen 2 population. I even hope to be a Crystal hacker one day again and...