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  1. PokemonAce123

    Looking for some beta testers!

    Hi! If anyone wants to be a beta tester, let me know asap! (either in my discord or here!)
  2. PokemonAce123

    Tutorial How to patch an UPS file (for both PC and Android devices!)

    PATCHING AN UPS FILE (for PC) 1) Find a clean Pokemon Fire Red 1.0 Rom (just google "pokemon fire red 1.0 rom" and you'll surely find one) 2) Get NUPS 3) Open NUPS 4) Click "Apply an UPS patch to a file" 5) Where it says "file to patch" click "browse" 6) Find the clean rom you downloaded from...
  3. PokemonAce123

    Gen III - FireRed Pokemon Flare (Final Version 1.02 as of Jan 23, 2019)

    Introduction/Story Hey guys, I'm PokemonAce123 and here's my hack, Pokemon Flare. This hack is a classic journey through Kanto...backwards....or is it? Team Rocket is going after the three birds! Will you be able to stop them? Come along on this adventure and find out! Now...on to some...
  4. PokemonAce123

    Hi guys!

    Hey guys, I'm PokemonAce123, but you can just call me Ace! I'm currently working on a rom hack called Pokemon Flare, hope to be done with it soon :D I've been part of Pokecommunity for a year or two (really a minor part but details am I right), and now I'm here also! Viva la Silph!