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  1. Mystelex

    Gen III - Emerald Pokémon Orange GBA

    Pokémon Orange Hack of Fire Red Version 1.0 (BPRE) Overture This hack is a GBA remake of Pia Carrot's Pokémon Orange The original goal was to make it a loyal remake by sticking to every element featured in the original, but that has changed since I decided to change some stuff regarding...
  2. Mystelex

    Script The Miscellaneous Script Thread (XSE)

    Welcome to The Miscellaneous (XSE) Script Thread! The purpose of this thread is simple; it is an archive of numerous, pretty random, scripts available for you to use in your hack if you are having difficulties scripting it yourself (or are too lazy. ^.^). If you wish to see one of your...
  3. Mystelex

    JPAN's Hacked Engine Issues

    A lot of Gen III Pokemon hackers have found JPAN's Hacked Engine to be extremely useful, as it adds a lot of new functions and options when creating their own hack. However, like all great hacks, it has its issues. So far, I have only come across a few, but my goal here is to create a specific...