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  1. Miksy91

    Gen II - Crystal I made new hack

    Hi guys! I made new hack. Called Pokemon Icy World Redesign. Name because orignal world now icy and redesigned. Interesting to know more? Read! :) Story Pokemon Icy World Redesign is new Pokemon Crystal (U) rom. It have map and redesigned trainer. These from Pokemon Crystal Redesign, Pokemon...
  2. Miksy91

    Suggestion Variable text color inside spoiler tags for different styles

    Hi, Came up with this problem that if you try putting text inside spoiler tags, it's shown well in Light style as almost black text, but there is no way of showing the text properly in default, Dark style. As an example On the other hand, if you set the contents under the SPOILER tag inside...
  3. Miksy91

    Gen II - Silver Pokemon Dark Energy

    What happens if you mix up traditional Pokemon gaming with the RPG style of Final Fantasies, Chrono Trigger and all that? The answer is right in front of you... Pokémon Dark Energy Hack of: Pokemon Silver (U) Storyline You're a 19-year-old university boy from the Southern Edge of The Capital...
  4. Miksy91

    Hi guys!

    Hi guys! Felt like it might be a good idea to come introduce myself here - especially since I'm the one who put up that suggestion thread. Someone could find it offending for a non-staff member to come "bossing around", and telling what to do with the research section and what not. That of...
  5. Miksy91

    Suggestion Research lab focus on gen III

    Hi, Some of you have heard of me, others not. Either way, here's a guy with several years of background with gb/c pokemon rom hacking, and mostly with Pokemon Silver and Crystal. In 2009, guys at Skeetendo Inc. put up the first forum dedicated on rom hacking of generation I and II pokemon...