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  1. Deokishisu

    Gen III - Ruby pokemon good ruby [very wip]

    Hey! I'm not sure if you saw my post in the Discord. Figured I'd copy-paste some feedback on your move animations here for you. This is a cool project and, after playing your other hacks, I'm very excited to go through it. Good luck! EDIT: Charge Beam looks sick.
  2. Deokishisu

    Tutorial Making Ruby Recognize Foreign Met Locations (pokeruby)

    Updated the guide to account for minor file changes made to pokeruby.
  3. Deokishisu

    Tutorial Making Ruby Recognize Foreign Met Locations (pokeruby)

    I could definitely check to see if the Pokemon has the Player's OT and other identifying information to help with printing the correct string for the correct game (obviously, if it has the player's OT and this is a Ruby game, the Pokemon was hatched at the Battle Tower regardless of its game...
  4. Deokishisu

    Tutorial Making Ruby Recognize Foreign Met Locations (pokeruby)

    Actually it doesn't. The met location will be written as the location it hatched in in the new game, but internally its game origin will be the game it was generated in. In normal gameplay, you can see this most prominently when migrating Pokemon to Gen IV. If you bred a Pokemon in FRLG, traded...
  5. Deokishisu

    Tutorial Making Ruby Recognize Foreign Met Locations (pokeruby)

    That's a great idea, but it's such a simple change (if you don't want to get fancy, check below) that I'd be okay leaving it out from the tutorial for now. People should be able to do that fairly easily with the information I've already provided. However, there is an issue. gameMet is read from...
  6. Deokishisu

    Tutorial Making Ruby Recognize Foreign Met Locations (pokeruby)

    Part 2: Making Ruby Recognize Specific Orre Met Locations Does, "met in a distant land," just not do it for you? Do you need to know exactly where you caught your Orre Pokemon? Then this is the Part 2 for you! Yes, this is still Ruby, and yes those are actual Orre met locations! Hey everyone...
  7. Deokishisu

    Tutorial Making Ruby Recognize Foreign Met Locations (pokeruby)

    As far as I can remember, Emerald does show Kanto locations in its summary screen, so there is no need to do the extensive modification that I did here. Pokemon from Orre in Emerald display the "obtained in a trade." string, but since the summary screen in pokeemerald isn't completely...
  8. Deokishisu

    What makes for an interesting story?

    I think an often neglected piece of a hack's story is the background info and the environments themselves. Many times when I'm playing a hack I'll talk to everyone I can find, but they say nothing of value or are very generic. These NPCs are a hacker's opportunity to flesh out the region and...
  9. Deokishisu

    Tutorial Making Ruby Recognize Foreign Met Locations (pokeruby)

    Has it ever annoyed you that when you trade your Pokemon back to Ruby, their met locations are the generic, "obtained in a trade," message? Do you wish Game Freak was more forward-thinking when putting the met locations in? Then look no further! Yes, this is Ruby, and yes those are foreign met...
  10. Deokishisu

    i live

    Doesnt! So great to see you here. Feel free to port over some of your threads from PC. Would love to see your FR hack and your research here.
  11. Deokishisu

    7 was trash.

    7 was trash.
  12. Deokishisu


    Don't tell him that!
  13. Deokishisu

    Gen III - FireRed Pokémon Adventure - Red Chapter [Aethestode]

    You are. All the hacker would have to do is warp the player to a map that they intend on keeping the same and then force a save. Then, the player can move the save to the new ROM and continue. You would only need to keep one map the same in this case, and it need not be a complicated one.
  14. Deokishisu

    What got you into rom hacking?

    I wanted to make a Gold and Silver remake before GS remakes were cool. I had a prototype before ShinyGold came out, but progress was slow and zel quickly outpaced me when he posted his hack, so I decided to do something more original. Worked out well for me. I've been sporadically working on one...
  15. Deokishisu

    Fainting/dying system

    Monster Rancher did something similar to an overkill system, wherein if a monster is KOed in a match by a hit that was way bigger than their remaining health pool, they could get injured. This was meant to discourage players from entering low-rank monsters into tournaments they had no business...
  16. Deokishisu

    Favorite Mechanics From Every Era

    I enjoy the Gen 1 and 2 EV system for casual play, where all stats can be maxed out and one never has to worry about having a perfect EV spread. Disabling the global 510 EV limit in Gen 3 is trivial and allows for that sort of effect, and I think that it can be fun to play with if balanced...
  17. Deokishisu

    Gen II - Crystal Pokémon Orange (HotY 2017)

    That was very likely my issue. The version that I played after that post was a bit newer than the HotY version and apparently fixed the issue for the VBA-M emulator. I made sure to let Pia know what emulator I was using for my feedback regardless. I will probably play using BGB in the future, as...
  18. Deokishisu

    Gen II - Crystal Pokémon Orange (HotY 2017)

    Okay, so Pia sent me the current version of Orange which is a little farther along than the HotY beta, and I played through that. Here is my feedback now that I'm finished. First off, bugs! Some sleep moves are sometimes causing enemies to be poisoned instead. Lapras and ingame trade...
  19. Deokishisu

    Gen II - Crystal Pokémon Orange (HotY 2017)

    So, I started playing the HotY version, but it seems very unstable and I'm going to wait for the next release to continue. I got up to the Route after Tangelo Jungle, so not that far. Here is my feedback. I like how everyone on Valencia Island knows the player, as it gives that small island...
  20. Deokishisu


    Ugh, college, am I right? I'm in the same boat. Time is precious and hacking almost never fits in. Like Asperso said, the disassemblies will streamline hacking quite a bit, so maybe people like you and I can get back into the hacking scene despite our schedules! Welcome to Silph and I hope to...