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    Fainting/dying system

    In the normal Pokemon games a Pokemon is always able to be healed after fainting. Lots of (experienced) people however prefer to play in a nuzlocke mode in which they dont heal fainted Pokemon to increase the difficulty. Have you thought about other ways a fainting/dying system could work? On...
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    Hey ive been into Pokemon rom hacking since around 2013. However aside from few map edits, i havent achieved anything, as i corrupted my roms using advance map and this has discouraged me from further other edits aswell, as i lack the time to create a hack with buggy tools and i lack the skills...
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    Bug Report no confirmation email (web.de)

    Hey i first registered my acc with a web.de email address, but i didnt receive a confirmation mail for that acc. There is a chance no one but me will try to register with an email acc from there, but you still migth want to look why it didnt worked.