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  1. linkandzelda

    testing broken lists

    Main Chapters: Prologue Chapter 1 - Phantom Pokemon Chapter 2 - Missing Pokemon Chapter 3 - Saving Kangaskhan Chapter 4 - Electric Rodent Chapter 5 - Boulder Badge Chapter 6 - Mount Moon Chapter 7 - Cascade Badge Chapter 8 - S.S Anne Robbery Chapter 9 - Bike Contest Chapter 10 - Ghost Tower...
  2. linkandzelda

    Bug Report Email verification marked as spam.

    This issue should now be resolved! If anyone else has a related issue, please let me know so I look into it again.
  3. linkandzelda

    Tutorial Adding Extra Songs to a Fire Red ROM

    Adding Extra Songs to a Fire Red ROM. Created by linkandzelda. Hello. I'm linkandzelda. This is my first tutorial for the PokéCommunity so hope you enjoy it. This tutorial is for FR only. It will show you how to add in extra slots for inserting songs into your GBA Pokémon hacks...
  4. linkandzelda

    Tutorial Extending "sethealingplace" On Pokémon FireRed

    Introduction Hello people. I present to you a new tutorial, as the title says, adding new healing places to a FireRed ROM. In other words being able to add "real" Pokémon centers to your ROM Hacks without them freezing or respawning you at a different center. Credits HackMew - Most of the...
  5. linkandzelda

    Documentation Sprite Behaviours and Movement Values -Archived-

    If anyone has the missing broken link file "english.ini" from this guide, please PM it to me and I will attach it to the post. EDIT: Attached to the OP
  6. linkandzelda

    PLEASE READ: How the Hack Spotlight section works

    The Spotlight section is a dedicated section for hand picked ROM Hacks from the In-Development section section based on certain criteria that is yet to be decided upon. As the community is only just beginning we have not yet decided on whether these hacks will be picked by the staff team or by...
  7. linkandzelda

    PLEASE READ: Posting Guidelines for ROM Hacks

    When posting a new ROM hack, it is required that you follow the guidelines outlined here. RULES: All threads must abide by the following restrictions: Content Requirements *When posting in the ROM Hacks section we ask that you include at least 4 screenshots showing progress on your project...
  8. linkandzelda

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone