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Tool 3DS-Spica-Experimental 3DS BCH Extraction/Editing tool-(gdkchan)

Spica is a work in progress, open source extraction/editing tool for 3DS BCH files. It is capable of viewing, extracting, and re-importing a variety of files found inside 3DS games. It is considered the sucessor to Ohana3DS, but due to it's less frequent development, you might end up dual purposing it with Ohana for any potential rom hacks.

This tool is better capable of exporting animations, especially from Sun/Moon/Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon compared to Ohana, and being open source, anyone can fork and improve upon it. Support for X/Y/OR/AS is a bit more limited and buggy. While this tool does indeed prove to be much easier to use for extraction/data mining, it isn't exactly clear on how to extract specific things. The batch exporter will become your most used tool for data mining, and I unfortunately cannot explain how to re-import assets at this time as even I haven't figured out how to assuming it is possible at this time.

Repo is located at https://github.com/gdkchan/SPICA for those interested in source code/forking and improving it, and a latest build for Windows is available at https://ci.appveyor.com/api/projects/gdkchan/spica/artifacts/spica_lastest.zip

Hopefully sharing this tool will encourage a development fork of it, or even further research into 3DS rom hacking.