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Suggestion A forum specifically for Art-based projects or help?

Keep in mind Pia, I haven't looked all over the sight yet, today is my first day here. But I haven't seen any kind of forum or channel that could be devoted to art outside of pokemon gaming? I also had it in mind recently to devote myself here for creating signatures since as you can see I already do my own signatures with my own tools, so I was hoping or had the idea I could make a signature workshop somewhere and make signatures here for other members, I could also do a tutorial and help members learn how to input signatures while I'm at it, so it might be less work off your backs here in the long run with "IDK HOW TO DO THIS" or just generally questions that could be answered by going to a specific section that's surrounded by the answers they need for members here. Anyways, regardless of a new forum section or not, I'd just be happy to help out here with some of these things since I can't do other stuff atm. :p


Hi at the current moment in time I believe the general consensus for non Rom Hacking related things was it goes in water cooler of games corner until adequate activity deemed it necessary for a forum.
Considering it is art the best course of action would be dropping it in water cooler