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Gen III - FireRed Adding new overworld sprites and pallets?

Hello all, I’m hopeful that someone with experience can help a beginner out with this issue. (I’m also hoping I’m in the correct place to post this lol if not let me know)
I found an app on Pokecommunity that can add new pallets and overworld sprites, which sounds amazing...however I simply have no idea how to set it up.
The links send you to a site called github where you can get the “source code”
Normally when you download a new rom hacking app you just unzip and the app is there. Super beginner friendly.
This time it’s just a bunch of folders and stuff that I am clueless about as I have next to no programming knowledge.
I’m assuming you need to piece the folders and information together in some way that I’m sure is super obvious to anyone who already knows how to do that...
but as I have no programming knowledge I have no idea what to do.
The alternative (just doing all the expanding pallets and expanding the number of overworld sprites manually) also obviously requires a bit of programming knowledge.
So to sum up...
The app sounds great but I can’t figure out how to install it.
Is there another app/alternative that I’m missing to add (not replace) overworld sprites and pallets?
Also my current computer is ancient (32 bit, windows 7 HP)
Thanks all. ?
If you need any more info to help just ask ?.
Alright all, I got it.
It just turned out I missed the zip file like 6 different times on my phone ??
Not my finest moment.
Nevertheless i have the tool now and it will be incredibly helpful in making my vision into a reality.