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Documentation Document- Updated Move Effects

Should I expand this to include Gen 4-7 moves?

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I have scanned through Bulbapedia for countless of hours documenting 95% of the changes to every single attack from Generation 1-3. The document is updated to Ultra Sun/Moon standards, and does not detail changes in older generations that have since been changed again.

This document details base power, accuracy, and PP changes.
It also documents relationships to abilities, the overworld, and changes to the game engine if applicable.
The document does not show relationships to Z-Moves, however.

I will update this document in the future when Generation 8 is out and consistent data is found. If there is a high demand for adding Generation 4+, I will go ahead and add that as well.

This document is meant to help hackers either make light changes to attacks in an editor such as PGE, or to help create new engines or help with disassembly. It saves a TON of google searches and shifting through page after page on Bulbapedia or Serebii.


Awesome, thanks a lot! I see the move effects table is extended to 255 effects, do you mind telling me what each number stands for starting from number 214? I think the old table goes to 213, so it's hard to understand what the others do as they do not have a description.