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Fainting/dying system

In the normal Pokemon games a Pokemon is always able to be healed after fainting.
Lots of (experienced) people however prefer to play in a nuzlocke mode in which they dont heal fainted Pokemon to increase the difficulty.

Have you thought about other ways a fainting/dying system could work?

On the discord i read about an interesting System (lets call it "overkill" system) where a fainted Pokemon shouldnt be able to be revived, if after hitting 0 the residual damage exceeds a certain amount.

Ive been thinking about another system which i will try to implement once im more comfortable with C/the disassemblies:

Each Pokemon gets a body and a head part.
After fainting there should be a 1/3 chance for nothing to happen, a 1/3 chance for the head to be damaged and a 1/3 chance for the body to be damaged (percentages are just f.e. and migth be changed).
After either the head or body gets damaged twice, the Pokemon dies/ cant be revived anymore.
The chance for a Pokemon to die overproportionaly increases with this system the more often it faints.
The trainer will have to frequent a special Pokemon hospital (NOT the Pokecenter) if he wants to know if a Pokemon is hurt and if he wants to heal it from its damages. However both diagnosing and healing should cost money.

What do you think about the systems above? Have you other ideas on how to implement a fainting/dying system? Or do you like it the way it is and dont want any changes to the fainting system?
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Monster Rancher did something similar to an overkill system, wherein if a monster is KOed in a match by a hit that was way bigger than their remaining health pool, they could get injured. This was meant to discourage players from entering low-rank monsters into tournaments they had no business being in, or as a penalty for going on high-rank errantries with powerful wild monsters. The monster would be taken to a hospital for a few weeks while it recovered, but when it came back it would never be the same. That is, if it made it through at all, as the monster could die if it was serious enough. Getting injured and surviving I think made the monster take a permanent hit to future stat growths, made it tire more easily, and shortened its total lifespan considerably.

I could see this being an interesting system for Pokemon, but it would make switch training low level Pokemon against higher level ones more dangerous. It could complicate a lot of training, actually, so the hacker may want to make sure level appropriate training grounds are around for all level brackets so your newly hatched, perfect IV Charmander doesn't immediately get slaughtered by some Pokemon you didn't expect to have Pursuit.