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Favorite Mechanics From Every Era

As we all know, Pokemon has updated some base mechanics from every era, from capped EVs (rather than 255 in all stat categories), abilities, physical/special split, to guaranteeing certain types were immune to certain status effects. When mechanics contradict between era, which types of mechanics do you all prefer? Is newer (or older, in the case of nostalgia fans) always better or would you prefer a hybrid between new and old? (I'm making such a hybrid patch and want to see what kind of mechanics everyone likes best.)


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I enjoy the Gen 1 and 2 EV system for casual play, where all stats can be maxed out and one never has to worry about having a perfect EV spread. Disabling the global 510 EV limit in Gen 3 is trivial and allows for that sort of effect, and I think that it can be fun to play with if balanced correctly.

Physical/Special split is hit or miss for me. I enjoy it when it makes sense, but I don't think that it necessarily should be thrown into every hack without thought. Adding the split requires the hacker to do more serious reworks of available moves and a lot of hackers are not prepared to, for instance, add in new moves that are needed for certain older Pokemon to function under the split. Again, discretion is key with this feature.