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Graphics Fire Red Overworld Sprite Resource

This thread is created to serve as a resource for hackers that want to have accurate overworld sprites for all trainer sprites in Fire Red. Besides the Fire Red overworld sprites, this resource also contains some Anime overworld sprites. All overworld sprites for trainers that are originally used in Fire Red are completed. There are trainer sprites from Emerald available in Fire Red as well (Like the Hex Maniac, Guitarist, etc). Those sprites are not completed (yet), but may eventually be added.

Note that these overworld sprites do not (all) fit in the default palettes of Fire Red, so using Navenatox Dynamic Overworld Palettes Patch is a requirement to use all of them.

You're free to use any of these sprites in your hack, that's the whole purpose of this resource. Be sure to give proper credit though. If you think your self-made overworld sprite should be added to this resource (Or you improved a completed one), give me a message or reply in this thread. Be sure they are: Good Quality, Fire Red Style and Properly Indexed. Properly indexed doesn't only mean that the sprite has 16 colors, but a proper sequence of colors as well. That way they are easier to edit.

Completed Overworld Sprites
Accurate Fire Red Overworld Sprites

Anime Overworld Sprites

Psychic (Male), Psychic (Female), Rich Boy, Cue Ball
Daman: Professor Ivy, Professor Ivy's Assistant
Kalarie: Aroma Lady, Blackbelt, Burglar, Crush Girl, Dragon Tamer, Engineer, Juggler, Lady, Pokemon Breeder, Rocker, Tamer, Twin, Young Couple, Anime Sprites
MrDollSteak: Cue Ball, Cue Ball (Dismounted), Painter, PokéManiac, Pokémon Ranger (Male), Pokémon Ranger (Female)
Pokesho: Various First Frames of Anime Overworld Sprites
Spherical Ice: Biker (Dismounted), Bird Keeper, Expert (Male), Expert (Female), Kindler, Ruin Maniac
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There's not something like competition in making sprites;) We can only complement each other. Plus you are making sprites for HGSS sprites in FR style right? So that's something different than this:)
Bumping this thread because I just added a few Accurate Fire Red Overworlds that have been edited to align the sidesprite with its front sprite (Tamer, Juggler and Rocker). In other news: All overworld sprites that were on my list are completed! Only a number of Emerald sprites are not completed yet, but I think I'll leave that for someone else.