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Gen 5 experience system

Does someone have an idea where to find the experience gain per battle formula in pokeruby? Ive searched for it but couldnt find it. Maybe its not disassembled yet?
I also havent found the experience needed for level up formula even though the diffrent level curves are mentioned in constants-> pokemon_data_constants
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Thx doesnt!
At line 5422 i replaced
calculatedExp = gBaseStats[gBattleMons[gBank1].species].expYield * gBattleMons[gBank1].level / 7;
calculatedExp = gBaseStats[gBattleMons[gBank1].species].expYield * gBattleMons[gBank1].level/5 *(pow(2*gBattleMons[gBank1].level+10,2.5)/pow(gPlayerParty[i].level+gBattleMons[gBank1].level+10,2,5))+1;
The formula i added is not the exact gen5 formula but pretty close to it. It works fine if you battle without switching. A Problem is when i switch in battle and have more than 1 Pokemon getting experience, then all Pokemon get the same experience instead of each getting experience in relation to their level. The experience they receive is related to only the first Pokemon that fougth. Anyone has ideas how to solve that Problem?