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  • Announcement - March 5th 12:17 PM GMT

    Hi there Guest!
    Thanks for checking out Silph Co.! Right now things are very much still in development with things like themes, guidelines, rules and most importantly content, still being a WIP. The staff and our members are actively working to make the community more homey for you. In the mean time, we are welcoming feedback and suggestions if you have them in the Feedback section.
    Please read the forum rules before posting.

Global Forum Rules [Read Before Doing Anything]

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Pia Carrot

Welcome to Silph Co.! Before you go about your posting, we ask all members to read the following Global Forum Rules.

Posting Rules

  • No Spam
    Do not make posts that are pointless or unrelated to the thread's topic, and do not quote or reply to a post that is pointless or unrelated to the thread's topic. This kind of discussion breaths further off-topic discussion. If you would like to talk to a user about an unrelated topic, you can send them a PM, post on their Feed, or use the Off-Topic section.

    Example of spam posts
    1. Thanks for this hack! Looks great!
      These kind posts are spam, and will serve no purpose but create unnecessary space on a thread, plus it's much better to leave a message on that user's profile or send them a private message since they'll get a notification and see it much quicker!
    2. this thang suxz
      This post is not constructive, helpful, nor does it contribute anything. People like to have proper feedback so they can continue to improve their work.
  • Correct Forum Section
    When you go to post a new thread, make sure it's posted in the relevant section. This helps to keep the forum organised and tidy for everyone as well as you. If you post a thread in the wrong section, it will be moved/locked and will create extra work for the staff.
  • Copyrighted materials
    As sad as it sounds, ROMs are illegal and we need to make sure copyrighted content is kept under control at all times. You must not link to any material such as ROMs, warez or cracked software.
  • Posts in other languages
    Silph Co. is an English-speaking forum, so please only converse in English. You are allowed to talk to members in other languages through PMs, however, but not in threads. This is to make sure everyone is able to read all content on the site. This does not apply however to Translation and Hack Projects.
  • Forum specific rules/guidelines
    Each section of the forum is different, and has it's own forum specific rules you must follow while posting there. We ask that before you post in the section, you check out the rules/guidelines first.

Forum-wide Rules

  • Respecting other people
    It's important you respect other members on the site at all times. Everyone has their flaws, and we're not perfect. At times you might feel like attacking another member, but the correct thing to do is report them to a member of staff and they will clear it up from there.
  • Advertising
    Posts, PMs or Status Messages containing advertisements, links to other forums, websites or blogs are strictly prohibited unless in the context of the discussion. But, you are allowed to post links to images or videos. The place you're allowed to advertise is your own signature.
  • Pornographic, Nudity, and Graphic Content
    Silph Co. is a ROM Hacking forum, we have younger users who don't need to see it we do not condone any inappropriate content in Posts, Status Messages or any public area of the site.
  • Theft of content
    Please do not take other people's work or contents and claim them as yours. We all work very hard to produce the things we do and release here for other peoples use.
  • Swearing/Cussing
    Using swear/cuss words is fine, but please do not swear incessantly. It's just unnecessary.

Other Rules

  • Usernames
    You are not allowed to use usernames that contains inappropriate language. Your username must be appropriate and not target anyone or anything. Maximum characters you can use in your username is 30. Webmasters reserve the right to edit any username when needed.

Thank you for visiting Silph Co., and we hope you enjoy your time here. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to aim them towards a staff member. They'll be more than happy to help!
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