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Other Has the scene changed dramatically since 2016?

Recently, a friend of mine and I (both computer science majors) had an idea for a mod. He has no experience making hacks, and my only experience is that a few years ago (at some point between September 2016 and June 2018), I did a simple mod of Firered making all of the trainer battles Double Battles, following this tutorial from 2016. The front page of this forum separates Disassembly resources and general resources, and refers to "Traditional (old-style) Generation III hacking."

This leads me to believe that there are now 2 distinct methods of modding the game, one using the disassembled/decompiled source code of the game scripting in C, and the other using the tools listed in the "Before Anything, Read This" thread including scripting in Assembly. Is this understanding accurate? If not, explain what's wrong with it. Is the tutorial from 2016 still accurate/useful?