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Help for Liquid Crystal

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PKMN Crystal
As I understand it, this website is for the people that are smarter than I when it comes to computers and other stuff.. I am not one, however, I'm hoping you all can point me in the right direction for playing liquid crystal on GBA. If any of you are an expert on what I need to do in the game, please let me know cause I am stuck after beating Claire. I can use whirlpool in dragons den, but can't use it for whirl islands. And the Dragon shrine has someone blocking the entrance saying the master is off fighting. Thank you.
There is an area up in the rocks to the South of the the building in Dragon's Den. To get up there, start from the outside of the building, then surf to the East of the building and then move North. I believe you need rock smash and maybe whirlpool as well to get there. There's some Team Saturn antics to handle from there.