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HG/SS little help please

I made an HG/SS hack rom to make it more faithful to the original, as example the developers removed the rematches for the ship's trainers and I fixed it.

There are a lot of other thing that were too different by the original G/S/C, I need now of fix 2 items, allow the player to delete Pokégear numbers and restore the slot machines from the Japanese original roms.

Pokégear researches:
I found the addresses where the pokégear numbers are stored in the SAV file, are 0xC0D0 and 0x4C0D0 (is random the address where will be added a number) and they are like items into a special bag pocket, then will be necessary a function to delete them like items. If you delete a number the effect is exactly the same of G/S/C, a trainer stop to call you, if asked a rematch before the erasing await you for a last rematch exactly like in G/S/C and if you talk with him he ask to be added again.

The only issue that I found, if it is, is that for the last rematch the alert in the pokégear map disappears.

Slot machines researches:
In Platinum european censors cleared the slot graphic and changed the script in the map.
For HG/SS seems that the censor were made by Game freak itself.
The graphic is cleared like in Platinum (is in the file A/1/2/7) but also they changed the script reference, 'cause if you open the Japanese and international rom with SDSME the script number is the same, and in the international release the script point to the Voltorb flip.
If they cleared the graphic file I think is meant that the code is still present, but currently inaccessible, maybe only through cheat codes, the reason why they cleared the graphic. I found also the text table for the slot machine texts, is obviously blank.

I need help to know how fix the script reference to point to the right slot ASM instead of the Voltorb flip.

G/S/C Items help:
I switched Rage candy and Slowpoké tail to countable items in different bag pockets and the Rage candy now works exactly like the Potion, like in the original G/S/C and B/W/B2/W2, I updated also the Mahogany shops to sell them. I need only to finish the work, cause they remain able to give to a pokémon, they should instead be like the Kurt's balls, that cannot be given, 'cause they are HG/SS exclusively items and cannot be traded to other games.

Kurt's Balls cannot be held due to their index number, 'cause if I switch to another bag pocket and I copy exactly the Potion data for the Lure ball as example, finish in the medicine pocket but remain ungiveable.

Then the way to fix the issue isn't directly in the item itself structure and isn't in the item type, should be into a table with the index number values.

If is not possible add new values isn't a problem, there are other 2 balls impossible to obtain in the bag, the Sport ball and the Park ball and they are impossible to give to a pokémon too. Could be enough "steal" their limitation changing their values to the tail and the rage candy values.

Can you help me please? I miss only of a bit of help to finish this hack, I made a lot of other things to make it more faithful to the original, I can ensure that are awesome changes. :)