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    Hi there Guest!
    Thanks for checking out Silph Co.! Right now things are very much still in development with things like themes, guidelines, rules and most importantly content, still being a WIP. The staff and our members are actively working to make the community more homey for you. In the mean time, we are welcoming feedback and suggestions if you have them in the Feedback section.
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New here, but if you knew me elsewhere, then good for you.
I'm Bronzeswagger, lover of anything anime, music, food, video games, and cats. Also a Gen 2 spriter from time to time and make contributions any way I can to the Gen 2 population. I even hope to be a Crystal hacker one day again and even get my old ideas for a sequel to Crystal off the back burner. For those interested, feel free to shoot me a DM sometime. I may not be able to do any hacking atm, but will appreciate anyone that is interested in my cause. Hope to be good friends with everyone and Thanks to Rangi for the invite! <3