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Music Ipatix's DPPT Music Patch

Compatible Base ROMs
PKMN FireRed, PKMN Emerald
Introduction? is there some format i need to follow? who knows

ipatix, around 2012, released the first version of what was probably to become one of the first in-depth music patches: his music patch for pokémon emerald, porting every single song of the sinnoh region (luna's absolute favorite) to the glorious 3rd generation
however, he really only did this and released it for pokémon emerald (an inferior base rom) and included a way to theoretically build it on the other roms--that is, if you mess around with the makefiles he includes to make it actually work and stuff :) oh, and insert his music mixer yourself, ahaha
so that's what i did, and thus these patches came to be~

i also made a routine (now tested) which switches music tables depending on day/night! this is simply so that it mimics the behavior of dppt concerning the songs; a lot of songs, especially in the overworld, have day and night counterparts.
as there are multiple dn systems out there in use, i included 3 patches: one for shinyquagsire's wizard dn system, as built by nisarg, one for primal-dialga's dns system, and the final one without an rtc
i also included the emerald one, which does not have any sort of rtc support (the day/night pairs list is included, however)

Download and Usage

fire red has all the tracks ipatix provided included!
download here!
as before, just download and apply the patch of your choice with either shinyquagsire's rtc, primal's rtc, or none at all. music patch now takes up from 0x09000000-0x09000B23 and 0x09001000-0x091D4A13 while freeing up 0x084A3318-0x084A3D9F unless if you use primal's rtc (which was installed there). shinyquagsire's rtc was installed to 0x08B01000-0x08B013F7, 0x08B01500-0x08B01A47, and 0x08B02500-0x08B02B8B. emerald is included, but is ipatix's patch--no rtc system involved.

i'd include screenshots, but like... this is a music patch...
so i guess just listen to this! this is the exact same video ipatix used, so it demonstrates what is being done well:


give credits to ipatix and primal-dialga or shinyquagsire, depending on which patch you use

Ending Notes

emerald's patch is missing 5 tracks of those provided, so i figured i would not bother with trying to correct that. however, if someone needs the tracks for team galactic encounter, kid encounter, some weird version of evolution/trading, the basement of the galactic hq in veilstone, or seq_report, then hit me up and i'll see what i can do