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Gen II - Crystal Kanto Explorers: Through Time


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Kanto Explorers: Through Time

It has been 50 years since Giovanni successfully created his abominable clone using Mew DNA...Known by his followers as "Mew-X". After his unsuccessful attempts at controlling his first creation, "Mewtwo", he sought to use Mew-X to destroy it. The battle that ensued was so fierce, it caused explosions and ripples through the time vortex itself, completely transforming the landscape and preventing Red from ever being born.

You, the middle child of a Professor who recently believes he has cracked the secret to time travel, must set out to go back in time and stop Giovanni from creating Mew-X in the first place..in order for time to run properly again and our hero Red can be born to save the day!

Oh...and you have a VERY annoying little sister who thinks only of herself...can she be saved from narcissism also?

  • Time Travel
    By using the Time Machine in your Dad's lab or later in the adventure your own portable Time Shard device, you are able to travel back in time to how Kanto once was. (If you've played Zelda: Oracle of Ages the functionality is the same).
  • Fairy Type
  • Physical/Special/Status Split
  • New Pokemon and Evolutions of the first 151 (based on prototypes)
  • Running Shoes
  • 8 Gym Badges and Elite Four to battle in the past
  • 4 Challenges to face in the future
  • New unique remixes of familiar songs

  • Me - Programming, Design, Sprite Work
  • My partner - Design, Sprite Work
  • pret - PokeCrystal Dissasembly
  • Rangi - Tutorials
  • Luna & Pia Carrot & The whole Pret team - Answering my annoying questions and being a real help!
  • Louminosus - Gyaon frontsprite
  • None.
Beta 1.0 Progress :[ ▋-- -- -- --] 20%