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PKMN FireRed
Leon Labs Presents: The Ultimate Fire Red Base


With the new arrival of decomps such as PokeRuby and PokeEmerald, as well as Egg and Chacha's Emerald engine, it occurred to me that there really isn't much out there in regards to Fire Red other than MrDollSteak's base. Fire Red hackers deserve love to, especially since there is more research poured into it until very recently, so I created a little something to even the playing field.

Folder includes:
ini's for PGE, G3HS, and G3T
List of offsets used
Specific removal patches for customization

Optionally, you can just apply it to Fire Red and play it as it is for basically a FR2.0 experience. Offsets, ini, and removal patches are provided so you can customize it however you'd like, and pokemon are not expanded so you have the full range of choice! So what makes this so special? Well, here's a list of its features:

Main Features

Nonprofit Warning Screen
MrDollSteak's Base 1.5a, with 70% of bug fixes
Mega Evolution with custom particles!
Dynamic Overworld Palletes
SQ's Blended Day and Night System
Squeetz's music base- RSE, Summon Night and Drill Dozer music!
99% of the base game is decapitalized manually

Mechanics Changes

Updated Critical Hits to Gen 7 standards
The Sturdy ability is now updated, makes battles more interesting!
BW repel system implemented
Poison survival at 1 HP
Deletable HM's
Infinite use TM's
New Pickup table, resembles RS, but less broken
Gen 7 burn and paralysis update
Removed unfair Badge stat boosts
EV's cap at 252
Eggs hatch at level 1
Pokedex number shown as Seen rather than Caught
Gen 2-3 Pokemon show their pokedex number in the summary rather than ???
Hidden Power will always have Base 60 power
Moves with 0 accuracy always hit (mainly status)
Protect and Detect is updated to not read garbage data after 4 successful uses, however rare
Roaming legends IV fix
Really tall grass fix

Pokemon Changes

Updated Base Stats to current game standards (Nidoking +10 Attack, etc.)
Every Pokemon's moveset is updated to Generation 7 standards, with minor tweaks to help megas
TM learnsets updated to modern standards (Fire types learn Solar Beam, etc.)
Revamped evolutions- a full list below
Evolutions expanded to 8, for Eeveelution reasons
Evolutions before national dex are possible (Golbat to Crobat, etc.)
Removal of Pokedex footprints
Mew and Deoxys always obey
New attacks have been added- listed below
Abilities rearranged so trainer battles are more dynamic- explained in notes
Abilities updated (Drought Ninetales, Cursed Body Gengar, etc.)

Item Changes

New Items- Link Cable, Dusk, Dawn, Shiny and Ice Stones, Expert Belt, and Big Nugget
The removal of useless items (RSE exclusive items and berries with no effects in FR)
Sitrus Berry effect is updated to restore 25% of the user's HP
New TM locations for missable or sellable TMs, listed below

Aesthetic Changes

BW styled summary screen and pokemon selection screens
Diamond, Pearl and Platinum style font
Nature colored stats
HGSS styled HP Bars
Player actually faces trainers before battle
Text speed default set to fast
Controls tutorial is skipped, but not the foreward
Disabled LR help menu
Disabled "Previously on your quest..."
Running shoes indoors
25 new Overworld sprites to better resemble trainer classes (end of OW list)
Changed some trainer pokemon for more balance/challenge
Some Kanto and Sevii maps have Hoenn music for more variety

Changed Evolutions
Poliwhirl to Politoed: Link Cable
Kadabra to Alakazam : Link Cable
Machoke to Machamp : Link Cable
Graveler to Golem : Link Cable
Slowpoke to Slowking : Link Cable
Haunter to Gengar : Link Cable
Onix to Steelix : Link Cable
Seadra to Kingdra : Link Cable
Scyther to Scizor : Link Cable
Eevee to Espeon : Sun Stone
Eevee to Umbreon : Moon Stone
Porygon to Porygon2 : Link Cable
Feebas to Milotic : Level 20
Clamperl to Gorebyss : Sun Stone
Clamperl to Huntail : Moon Stone

New TM locations, if you want to just play FR2.0
TM10 Hidden Power in Safari Zone
TM13 Ice Beam in Seafoam Islands
TM20 Safeguard in Berry Forest
TM23 Iron Tail in Rock Tunnel
TM24 Thunerbolt in Two Island
TM30 Shadow Ball in Pokemon Tower
TM31 Brick Break in Diglett's Cave
TM35 Flamethrower in Mt. Ember
TM44 Rest in Route 2 east

New Attacks added
Petal Blizzard (Petal Storm)
Nuzzle (unique animation)
Power Trip
High Horsepower (HiHorsepower)
Stomping Tantrum (works like Revenge, named StompTantrum)
Dragon Rush (unique animation)

Bugs I fixed/removed with MrDS 1.5a
Fixed the text description looping of some moves and abilities
Natural Cure Fix
Day Care Fix
Sand Force Fix
Flash Fix
Berries Fix
Download Fix
Solid Rock, Filter and Tinted Lens Fix
Cursed Body Fix
Substitute Fix
Flare Blitz+ Sheer Force Fix
Leftovers Fix
Hydration Fix
Snow Warning Fix
Geomancy Fix
Renamed Baby Doll Eyes, Disarming Voice and some other moves
Renamed Items to fix the 12 character text limit
Renamed Mega Launcher to fit character limit
Anything with Scrappy can't learn Brick Break as it has issues with ghosts

Removed: Growth, Trick, Switcheroo, Miracle Eye, Tailwind, Sticky Web, Lunar Dance, Healing Wish, Incinerate, Stealth Rock, Gooey, Mummy, Healer, Magic Bounce, Magic Guard, Infiltrator, Moody
Removed: All new items except the choice items, as they just don't work or are bugged for me at least

List of music tracks, paste in Advance Map ini
0100= Healing
0101= Level up
0102= Item found
0103= Fanfare 1
0104= Fanfare 2
0105= Package delivery
0106= Berry picked
0107= Evolution start
0108= Evolution / Safari
0109= RSE Gym battle
010A= RSE Trainer battle
010B= Trainer school
010C= Game Corner big win!
010D= Game Corner win!
010E= You Fail It!
010F= You Fail It Again!
0110= Follow me
0111= Game Corner
0112= Evil lurks
0113= Gym theme
0114= Jigglypuff's song
0115= Intro theme
0116= Title screen theme
0117= Cinnabar Island
0118= Lavender Town
0119= Healing
011A= Bicycle Ride
011B= Encounter 1
011C= Encounter 2
011D= Encounter 3
011E= You're in the Hall of Fame!
011F= Viridian Forest
0120= Mt. Moon
0121= Abandoned place
0122= End credits
0123= Route theme 1
0124= Route theme 2 / Intro
0125= Route theme 3
0126= Route Theme 4
0127= Victory road
0128= Gym battle
0129= Trainer battle
012A= Wild battle
012B= Champion battle
012C= Pallet Town
012D= Oak's lab
012E= Oak's theme
012F= Pokemon Center
0130= SS Anne
0131= Surf
0132= Pokemon Tower
0133= Silph Co.
0134= Cerulean City
0135= Celadon City
0136= Victory 1
0137= Victory 2
0138= Victory 3
0139= Vermilion City
013A= Viridian City
013B= Gary's Theme
013C= Gary's Theme 2
013D= Fanfare 3
013E= Fanfare 4
013F= Pokémon caught!
0140= Trainer Card photo
0141= Gamefreak
0142= Victory 2 (bis)
0143= Intro Message 1
0144= Intro Message 2
0145= Intro Message 3
0146= Game Corner (+1)
0147= Game Corner (+2)
0148= Net Center
0149= Mystery Gift
014A= Game Corner (+3)
014B= Mt. Ember
014C= Follow me (alt)
014D= Water Labyrinth
014E= Tanoby Ruins
014F= Islands 1-3
0150= Islands 4-5
0151= Islands 6-7
0152= PokéFlute
0153= Battle! Deoxys
0154= Battle! Legend
0155= Battle! Legend (+1)
0156= Encounter 4
0157= Deoxys encounter
0158= Trainer Tower
0159= Pallet Town (fame mix)
015A= Teachy TV -- Normal table ends here
015B= DD Map screen & Training Course
015C= DD Skullker Hideout (Area 1)
015D= DD Art Museum (Area 2 & 5)
015E= DD Area clear!
015F= DD Area 1 Intro
0160= DD File select
0161= DD Treasure acquired!
0162= DD 3rd gear Drill Dozer acquired!
0163= DD Sunken Kuru Ruins (Area 3-2)
0164= DD Intro Area
0165= DD Kuru Ruins (Area 3-1)
0166= DD Metal City (Area 4)
0167= DD Skullker Drill Missile (Area 6)
0168= DD Jill VS Croog! (Final Battle)
0169= DD The Drill Dozer returns (Jill's Mother)
016A= DD Croog's Doom Dozer (Area 7)
016B= DD Gearmo's save menu
016C= DD Midboss battle 3! (Engine robot battle)
016D= DD Carrie's Theme
016E= DD Corrupt Commissioner
016F= DD Professor's Theme
0170= DD Midboss battle 2! (VS old twin thieves)
0171= DD To the Doom Dozer! (Area 7 Intro)
0172= DD Welcome to The Clink (Area 5 Intro)
0173= DD Redirecting the missile! (Area 6 Outro 1)
0174= DD Doom Dozer revealed! (Area 6 Outro 2)
0175= DD The four remaining diamonds (Ending)
0176= DD Carrie's Plea
0177= DD Boss battle! (VS SKullkerbots)
0178= DD Item bought!
0179= RSE Little boy encounter
017A= RSE Male encounter
017B= RSE Swimmer encounter
017C= RSE Meteor falls
017D= RSE Glowing orb
017E= RSE Sailor encounter
017F= RSE Female encounter
0180= RSE Desert
0181= RSE Expert encounter
0182= RSE Ace encounter
0183= RSE Ashlands
0184= RSE Weirdo encounter
0185= RSE Mount Pyre outer wall
0186= RSE Regi chamber
0187= RSE Heavy rainfall
0188= RSE Little girl encounter
0189= RSE Elite 4 encounter
018A= RSE Fatty encounter
018B= Em Pyramid
018C= Em Pyramid top
018D= Em Battle dome
018E= Em Frontier brain battle
018F= RSE Champion battle
0190= RSE Regi battle
0191= RSE Legend battle
0192= Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak Unused track 1
0193= SN Peaceful Time
0194= SN In the end of the sadness
0195= SN Uncontrollable Rage
0196= SN Hurry up!
0197= SN Vicious Plot
0198= SN The Meeting
0199= SN To tomorrow!
019A= RSE Rival battle
019B= RSE Fallarbor town
019C= RSE Grunt battle
019D= RSE Elite 4 battle
019E= RSE Evil leader battle
019F= RSE Wild battle
01A0= My battle theme
01A1= RSE unused theme 1
01A2= RSE Intro theme
01A3= RSE Abandoned ship
01A4= RSE Verdanturf Town
01A5= RSE Route theme 1
01A6= RSE Route theme 2
01A7= RSE May's theme
01A8= RSE Submarine heist
01A9= RSE Dewford Town
01AA= RSE Sootopolis City
01AB= RSE Champion encounter
01AC= RSE The End
01AD= Em Battle factory
01AE= RSE Mart
01AF= RSE Lilycove City
01B0= RSE Game corner
01B1= RSE Trick house
01B2= RSE Contest lobby
01B3= Em Battle Frontier
01B4= Em Battle Arena
01B5= Em Battle Frontier Fanfare 1
01B6= Em PokéNav registry
01B7= Em Battle Palace
01B8= Em Battle Tower
01B9= Em Battle Frontier Fanfare 2
01BA= Em Battle Pike
01BB= RSE Unused theme 1 (GSC Route 38)
01BC= RSE Interviewer encounter
01BD= RSE Littleroot Town (Alt)
01BE= RSE Elite 4 victory
01BF= RSE Unused theme 2
01C0= RSE Route theme 3
01C1= RSE Route theme 4
01C2= RSE Route theme 5
01C3= RSE Petalburg City
01C4= RSE Oldale Town
01C5= RSE Surf
01C6= RSE Petalburg Woods
01C7= RSE Art Museum
01C8= RSE Oceanic Museum
01C9= RSE Fortree City
01CA= RSE Professor's Lab
01CB= RS Battle Tower
01CC= RSE Spin the wheel!
01CD= RSE Mauville City
01CE= RSE Pokécenter
01CF= RSE Bicycle ride
01D0= RSE Littleroot Town
01D1= RSE Mount Chimney
01D2= RSE Help Birch!
01D3= RSE Diving theme
01D4= RSE Follow me!
01D5= RSE Brendan's theme
01D6= RSE Aqua/Magma defeated!
01D7= RSE Up the gondola!
01D8= RSE Safari Zone
01D9= RSE Victory Road
01DA= RSE Glory room
01DB= RSE Aqua/Magma base
01DC= RSE Boat ride
01DD= RSE Mount Pyre
01DE= RSE You're in the Hall of Fame!
01DF= RSE Contest theme
01E0= RSE Team Aqua/Magma appears!
01E1= RSE Contest Championship
01E2= RSE Result Announcement
01E3= RSE Slateport City
01E4= RSE Drought
01E5= RSE The End
01E6= RSE Intro theme 1
01E7= RSE Intro theme 2
01E8= RSE Titlescreen
01E9= DD Red Dozer Emergency!
01EA= DD Gear Obtained!
01EB= DD Midboss Battle 1
01EC= DD Kuru Ruins trap room
01ED= DD Screw Breaker! (Titlescreen)
01EE= DD The wrong trailer pickup!
01EF= DD Engage Drill Dozer!
01F0= DD Area 2 Intro
01F1= DD Croog's Theme
01F2= DD Area 3 Intro
01F3= DD Area 4 Intro
01F4= DD Game over
01F5= DD Your rank is...
01F6= DD Your rank is Pickpocket!
01F7= DD Your rank is Boss!
01F8= DD Your rank is Crime Boss!
01F9= Empty slot// You can place your own songs here
01FA= Empty slot// instead of replacing existing ones.
01FB= Empty slot
01FC= Empty slot
01FD= Empty slot
01FE= Empty slot
01FF= Empty slot

DISCLAIMER: Report any bugs you find to me and I'll list them here and try to fix them

Flash Cannon animation may freeze GBA4IOS and hardware, not a problem on VBA or My Boy
Shedinja won't take burn or poison damage
Not updated AI, but by no means game breaking


This base is only compatible with an UNEDITED ENGLISH 1.0 FIRE RED ROM

This base is only compatible with the Pokemon editors: PGE, G3HS, G3T and D&D, not YAPE

It is probably not compatible with JPAN. I never used it, nor ever cared about it, and everyone I see using it usually has a problem or two with it, so I excluded it, not to his discredit for his work.

You will need to create Mega Stone items and edit the mega evolutions on your own

Dawn Stone as an item exists, but you will need to install gender based evolution on your own

Removal patches are catered to giving you choice in what to use, but some things simply can't or won't be made a patch for. I also cannot guarantee that using multiple removal patches will yield stable results, but no reason why they shouldn't

If you want to remove the BW summary screen you must remove nature colored stats and implement it again on your own, with ASM changes reflecting your new/original summary screen.

The 25 new OW sprites do not have a font color attached to them. You must define a specific text color.

The mega particles are just 3 images inserted to free space with the very end of a table that MrDS left open ended with their pointers, located at 0x960000

Moves that were removed either didn't work, were not made yet, or bugged out, especially in doubles.

Rearranged abilities are just from 2 slots, I swapped them in a pokemon editor. For example Geodude would have Rock Head/Sturdy. I made it Sturdy/Rock Head, as opposing trainers use the first of the two in battle.

I used RSE music because I figured that 2 regions worth of music was nice and it fit a Gen 3 theme

I removed the items because it seems no matter what I did, Black Sludge, Eviolite, etc. just would not work at all for me


This is a long doozy of a list so I'll put it in a spoiler
Lu-Ho(Advance Map 1.92)
Shiny Quagsire(Day and Night Cycle)
Navenatox(Dynamic Overworld Pal)
Diegoisawesome (DPPt Text, Skipping Control Tutorial, various offsets and asm)
MrDollSteak(Decap and Attack Rombase)
Squeetz(Music Base)
Mr. Pkmn(Nonprofit Warnscreen)
thedarkdragon11(item sprites)
Touched(Mega Evolution)
Kalarie(Updated OW's)
Againsts(Gen 5 summary screen)
NarenJr(Gen 5 selection screen)
YoY-X (HGSS HP bars)
ChaCha Dino (ASM and offsets)
Jambo51 (ASM and offsets)
Lunos (ASM and offsets)
Sagiri (ASM and offsets)
Doesntknowhowtoplay (ASM and offsets)
JPAN (ASM and offsets)
HackMew(A LOT)
Skeli Unbound
Spherical Ice
Chaos Rush
and much more...