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Let's Play Dark Rising 2 and Order Destroyed (LP #4 / #4.5)

Oh... this one's bound to be real spicy. *cracks knuckles*

Chapter #4 - Destruction of Patience

So, last time on Order Destroyed, we got at least two new allies(?) and now we're just trying to gather ourselves before we move on.

The guys don't say anything too interesting, but we will take Freyja's offer to gather supplies before we leave.

Huh. There's a person that didn't get zombified for once.

(Also, god damn it, I wasn't expecting to break out the Clear Eye again because that's hideous.)

: "Johnny, is that you?! How are you, my boy?!"

Noah is just like "I think he's lost it". Either the zombie apocalypse broke him in the span of a few hours or his senility caught up to him. Whichever works the most.

We steal some loot and hopefully grandpa doesn't drop dead and become a zombie.

Moomoo Milks are easily the best healing item we'll get due to them healing 100 HP a pop. They're also extremely limited as these will be the only ones we'll be getting, so... yeah don't just chug them down.

Also, hello, I see you there.

Noah introduces himself, but the strange red clothed man says that we've already met his sister? Wait, is he talking about Jalice?

But I thought she said he was dead?

Oh my god, you're not even trying anymore.

Aizen? Are you actually being serious with me now? First the Persona plagiarism from before and now you're going to name him after Bleach's main villain? Not to mention, his dad was the same dude that we fought as the final boss of Dark Rising 1...

Gee, I wonder if he's evil.

Aizen (ugh) claims to have lost his magic and his Pokemon, but he still has the power to read memories... Yeah, don't buy this for a second.

He just... barges his way into our group for reasons that, at this point, should surprise nobody.

Talking to Aizen is required because he enables plot progression. Meanwhile, have a potion and an HP Up that won't really be useful to you. (Money is useless due to there being no shops, so...)

Now, the strangest thing happened while leaving the area. This Mareep is a Nonverbal NPC (you can at least expect them to go "baa") and seems to be out of place.

... But when I go back to check, they just disappear. Were they a ghost all along?

Back to adventure, I suppose. We're way more well stocked than before, so that just leaves me to imagine what we'll encounter here.

What's everyone standing around for? What crazy thing happened?

He's fuckin massive, mate.

What did Hoopa do to make themselves so huge? Come on, this is silly.

"I bet you weren't expecting to see me this early into the story."

Oh lord, it begins. (I will take the time to transcribe this dialogue, I guess.)

: "You're the one behind all of this!"

: "Were you surprised? Let me guess, you were expecting to confront me, I tell you the reason why I'm doing this, Noah will battle me, defeat me, save his friend Monica and then we have a happy ending!"

Yes. Annihilating the fourth wall won't save you.

: "Well... Nope! What's gonna happen is, I tell you what I want to tell you at my own pace and then, when I'm ready... I'll kill all of you. Actually, that is a happy ending. For me."

... I hate to admit it, but this isn't too far off from how I'd actually write Loki's character. :/

: "Let me ask you all something. If you all had the power to make the world precisely the way you want it, would you?"

Interesting question, but this is sort of made moot when you realize that after Order Destroyed ends, he more or less gets pushed aside by Madam Boss from Team Rocket. (An obscure reference, but still...)

So ultimately all of this heartbreak is sort of for nothing.

: "See, exactly! Now, don't think of me as a typical, lunatic bad guy with power. That's not me at all! I'm simply creating order... my order. All of you standing before me do not qualify to be part of the new world. My world."

That's... exactly what you are, though. You're a two dimensional villain that might as well have come from the Bargain Boss Bin (now 50% off on giant monsters!) with only meta humor being the thing that makes you slightly more interesting than say, Darugis from the first two games.

Freyja says she's going to kill him for being a psychotic troll, but Hoopa's just like:

: "Heh, yeah. I am a troll. I've trolled Noah's friend for a long time now! Heheh! Nice one?"

: "... How dare you... I'm ending this right now!"

Yes, Noah, do it. Kick him in the face.

... And he just leaves. Of course.

Oh well, at least we don't have to deal with him until later.

Hey, Freyja's just standing there with... another Mega Stone?

I'll be taking that, thank you.

Freyja wants to part ways because she has other people to help and she wants to give us a Mega Stone for our troubles.

She also mentions that the Machine is up north, but the building that houses it changes based on the person. Now, that definitely can't be ominous.

Eeeh. I don't count on it.

Bye Freya, you were... literally just some purple haired chick that doesn't matter.

But hey, at least there's a little bit of mercy going around.

Now that's a bad touch.

The evil zombie lass has an Illumise and Volbeat that Ignell chops up into bug soup. I kinda feel bad for these Pokemon, but they need to be put out of their misery.

... What in the world is that?

Well that's just plain bad.

He had a Crustle that (I think) used Shell Smash. That would have definitely put a cap in our ass, but Ignell just dusts them away before they could really do anything.

I don't think I would have been able to deal with that.

Oh wow, the Experience Share got to work! Ivan got to evolve and now he doesn't have that awful Thunder Fang anymore.

Volt Switch does work, but it's the only real electric move he has. We are also not going to use the Mega Stone on him because I'm saving it for later.

When the main villain invites you into his lair, things can only go so well.

So... this building is actually a Creature of Chaos in that it changes based on who sees it. Granny saw it as a mansion while Joel sees a childhood memory of his.

Aizen mentions that he can't read the memory of Pokemon and trying to read the Zygarde twins gives him a blank. HMMMM.

They can't see anything, so... what exactly are we walking into?

It... it's the power plant again. She seems to recycle certain places (the power plant and that one wrecked room) all the time for some reason I can't hope to comprehend.

They're creating brand new maps yet they're still using vanilla ones.

Solarbeam is... passable. What I'm more concerned with is that Rhyperior over there.

But hey, Julian got to evolve! Let's see what he can do against the Rhyperior.

... How about we don't take our chances?

This is so weird. Out of everything you expect the hulking rock monster to do... they throw ice at you. Like

They went down easy even with their tremendous advantage. That's like jumping out of a car at the end of the race and walking to the finish line.

But hey, I'm not complaining because we get Flamethrower.

You know, I'm gonna be honest - in a few minutes, I'll make it rain Rare Candies.

Ignell atomizes a Ferrothorn with his reclaimed Flamethrower. I swear they're one of the most unfortunate Pokemon I've ever met that isn't a member of the Weavile family.

... Oh, I see what we're doing.

Really? Though to be fair, if we knew they were secret agents, they wouldn't be so secret.

They have human skin for some reason despite having dark blue on the overworld. Believe it or not, this is on purpose because Hoopa's going to chastise you for fighting these guys.

They have easy Fletchinder that can't stand up to Ignell's moves, so at least they're not much of a hassle if you do run into them.

I just have to ask: What's with the Rhyperior? You can't catch them and all they really like to do is to spam Avalanche.

They're time-wasters at best, so... I don't understand. Maybe they're supposed to be training fodder for your Frogadier or something.

Speaking of which:

Oh wow, Loki showed up again. What's happening, my man?

(By the way, everyone's like "this is the final battle!!" even though this is nowhere near the end of the game.)

: "The envy consumes you. You're all just jealous of me."

Zyree: "What?!"

Zyree's reaction is pretty much mine, not gonna lie.

: "Because I am all of you, only the superior being! Order is mine, everything I want, I can make happen. Isn't that the dream of every human? To have the world exactly the way you want it? I have that power now and you are all jealous of me!"

*Deep sigh*

Our main villain, everyone: an annoying kid that got the Gen 3 hacking tools.

: "I'm tired of hearing your mouth already. Where's my friends?! What happened to Arceus?!"

: "Ah, I forgot you don't know the real story. By the way, contradiction much? You say you're tired of hearing my mouth, yet you ask me a question afterwards."

(Okay, I'll admit, that was a good burn.)

I feel bad for Hoopa because it doesn't deserve this. Not this little shit, the real Pokemon. Hell, Hoopa is one of my favorite legendaries from Gen 6 yet DRG turned him into this? What?

Hoopa/Loki says that Noah's friends are scattered across the world (somehow) and that... well, let's have his exact words:

"After finally achieving a plan that took me over a million years, I gotta tell'ya, Arceus doesn't exist anymore. The same applies to Darugis. I am in control of light and darkness, good and bad, I control everything now. I must give credit to your friend Monica, though. But do not fear! I will make a new world, where order is true and there is no good or bad, just perfection."

I have so many questions that I'm afraid I'll fill the page with them.

#1: Really?
#2: Darugis was a bad villain too.
#3: This little shit killed Arceus?
#4: Whatever. At this point, I'm numb.

Noah asks him what he means by all of this, although I don't expect a straight answer at all.

What Noah says is the most appropriate thing ever:

("... I still don't know what the heck is going on...")

Truthfully? I've never known what the hell's been going on in this series, I just document what I see and try not to go insane.

Loki disappears for the second time, so I can at least I can get a moment to think.

Anyway... you see this giant mechanical thing?

It's a giant PC, folks.

Yep, complete with glitch! (Although that's the fault of the glitchy tiles she used and not the Machine itself.) Now, here's the bit where it gets interesting.

The Machine is the only source of infinite healing in the hack, so you better get your top up now before you go on ahead.

I would also recommend against putting any Pokemon in here for reasons you'll see in a bit.

Anyway, this is where I go into full game breaker mode. I have completely stopped caring about being fair and now I'm taking this into my own hands.

One or two Master Balls, over 999+ rare candies... I plan on ripping this game into shreds as part of the final send off. Not only that, I still have a few other surprises in store for you guys.

Just watch.

Aizen says that we've really impressed him with how we've been doing so far and he urges that we should keep some Pokemon in the PC for later.

Noah agrees, but I'm a bit skeptical.

Let's leave Julian here for a bit just so I can demonstrate something.

Leaving the "Pokemon Center HQ" takes us out to this admittedly really nice-looking snow-covered area. (The name of the place is called Apache Mountain, which is like... whatever.)

Another one to add to the pile, but trust me when I say that even they have explanations.

Nah, we're going the full mile. We are reckless to a T.

Aizen: "Yes, Noah? An unexpected turn, hm?"

Oh come on, give your audience at least some credit.

Aizen mentions how he and Hoopa had a "mutual understanding" and that they've been working together.

: "Hey, Noah! Did you put any of your Pokemon inside the Machine?! It was all fake! Another part of my game... How long did it take you to realize you can't ever get back to The Machine? I created the place with my power! It is my world, you know?"

Yeah, the door behind us was locked. Goodbye Julian, you were a wonderful guinea pig.

"I should've never listened to you, Aizen!"

: "Well, your Scyther's dead now."

This causes Noah to go Super Saiyan out of rage.

: "... AIZEN!!! You'll pay for this with your own life. Let's battle!"

You're lookin... pretty good there.

His first Pokemon is a Conkeldurr that uses Mach Punch on a Flying type. And the Darwin Award goes to...

Yep. He's nowhere near as threatening as the Bleach Aizen, although that'd be a completely different story if it were him.

He also had a Drapion, but nobody cares.

Oh wow, that's actually a really good sprite for Clawitzer... Now, would you believe me that it's the most dangerous thing on his whole team?

Mega Launcher is an actual ability in this game and Clawitzer would hurt even without it, so... damn.

See this? This takes Ignell to half health even without it being super-effective. That's crazy.

Thankfully, Clawitzer has the speed of a shrimp holding a giant gun otherwise this would have been impossible.

His final Pokemon is a Mega Blaziken that... yeah, I don't think this match-up will ever end well for Blaziken even in the real games.

There's only so much Speed Boost can do against another Fire type.

Aizen: "Or am I?"

I hate it when villains pull out the "lol didn't count" card.


Aizen: "Hoopa decides who lives and who doesn't. It is his world, after all."

Logically. Give me a few more chapters though and you'll regret saying that.

: "Noah, your friend defeated Darugis for me, I just guided Monica along the way with my bag of tricks! I bet you're wondering, where is the REAL Arceus? After a plan that took me millions of years to complete, I manage to trick the real Arceus and send him into oblivion! Then, it was only Darugis left."

(You can't hear it but I'm howling at my own reactions. I'm silly, alright.)

Hoopa goes on to say that Light and Monica had the most potential but he's still going to boil it down to "it was a game for me".

Then he goes "see ya" one more time and I want to strangle him.

You'd think that'd be the end of him, but...

He's in this house! This is like what, the fourth time we've seen him in one chapter?

Noah's mad about Aizen for "betraying" him even though it was the most telegraphed thing behind Granny being a cannibal.

: "Don't I at least get a clap for that genius set-up? It was perfect! Besides, I'm a generous troll. Didn't you grab any of the rare candies I placed around the areas? It can revive your Pokemon from the dead. Yeah, I know, it breaks the whole "If Pokemon faint, they die forever" thing I got going on. But hey, like I said, I'm a generous troll."

So... you knew this entire time that Rare Candies can act as revives?

I do have to admit if you aren't genre savvy, Hoopa might get you off guard. The Machine deal and how you can't go back could be a giant one-fingered salute to the player, but I still have a way around it.

: "... You don't care about anyone or anything but yourself. I will be the one to end your reign of terror, Hoopa. I can assure you of that."

Hell yeah.

Hoopa says that everything was fake and nobody was really a chosen one after all, which I guess is right if Arceus was really gone, but... eh.

He goes onto say that all of humanity are hypocrites because we praise Arceus when good things happen yet blame Darugis when bad things happen. I honestly don't see what the point is.

Noah wants to battle him, but for the fourth time in a row:

This is the most I've ever seen a villain run away from the main hero, especially if they're the core villain.

: "God, everything's hopeless. What am I going to do now?"

: "I suppose the only thing we can do is try to stop him, but..."

[A large shadow looms over Noah]

: "... Huh? What's that?!"

[Noah gazes into the sky and sees a giant red and black bird with a white Lucario riding on top. They descend to the ground]

[Hidden By Night]

: "Wh-whoa! Yveltal?! And you... aren't you one of Monica's Pokemon?"

: ("It really is you, Noah! Thank goodness we finally found you. It's me, Signe.")

: "Wow, you guys actually managed to make it out of the Omni Region? ... Where's everyone else?"

: ("We're not sure, but that doesn't matter now. You're our last hope - we need to band together and stop Loki before he ruins the world!")

: "Of course!"

: ("I brought some provisions before things got really bad and the Jewel of Life. Something tells me we'll be needing everything we have, so... make good use of them.")

: "The Jewel of Life?! But... what good will that d--."

: ("Noah.")

: "Y-yes, Yveltal?"

: ("Hmph. It's time you learned my real name. I am... Ragnarok. What that bastard child's doing is unacceptable - they're perverting the cycle of life and death. With that said, I want you to lead me again.")

(Ragnarok is the name of the great war that claims multiple gods in Norse Mythology, including Odin. I felt it would be appropriate for the death god of Pokemon to have that name.)

: "Wow... Yes, sir!"

Normally, trying to catch a Pokemon would lead to the game freezing because DRG did... something to the Pokedex. However, since I'm smarter than the average bear, I put in a "complete Pokedex" code to bypass the Pokedex entirely and fix that little bug.

So yeah, suck on that, Hoopa.

: "Why are we at the door? It's locked."

: ("... As I suspected, the little shit couldn't even be bothered to actually destroy anything.")

: "What?"

: ("Go through the door - you'll see what I mean.")

[Noah phases through the door]

: "Oh wow! We're back at the Machine? But I thought he said it was all fake?"

(Aka. I used walk through walls and DRG didn't remove the access point. Smooth.)

: ("Listen, Noah. I know Loki. He's a very bad liar. Sometimes he leaves his work half-finished, so stuff like this happens. We now have unlimited access to the PC and there's nothing he can do about it.")

: "Hahaha, oh my god. This is gonna be cathartic."

Oooooh, this is too good.

Signe is a series regular as far back as the Dark Rising 1 LP. Since Sigurd's dead, she's the best we have and honestly, having at least one of the Lucario Siblings is good enough for me. She has access to Aura Saber, Psychic and Void Bomb... so that's badass.

Ragnarok, on the other hand, is a Yveltal that Noah picked up in Dark Rising 2 but we would have never got to see him perform if I didn't hack him in. Since Dark Aura isn't a thing in this, he has Gale Wings instead... making him arguably even more overpowered than if he just had the other one.

Both of them are over level 50 (the highest normal Pokemon we'll see in this is around 40-ish) and hot damn I am proud to say that this game is almost completely brown bread.

Back to the guys, Joel is suffering. I would too if I didn't have clothes for the snow.

You have a dead Liepard here that's obviously a reference to the scene from Star Wars, but Noah can't bear skinning a cat.

If things were that dire, I wouldn't really hesitate.

I'm more than prepared, alright?

Noah says he needs a minute or two to rest before we move on and honestly, I can't really blame him after what just happened.

Zyro mentions how he's ready to beat Hoopa and reclaim his fate so him and his sister can finally be free, but he warns that a horde of zombies is coming towards us and that we gotta split.

Can't argue with that. But before we go...

Ragnarok has Oblivion Wing. Gale Wings gives it priority too, so...

Next time on Dark Rising: Order Destroyed, we start our death march through Hoopa's forces. See you then.

Team setup:

means Mega-evolved.

, level 39,
) - "Signe, my girl, I'm glad to see you alive! Let's show them why you don't mess with us, yes?"
(Signe, level 52,
) - "My thoughts exactly. But more importantly... Loki, I'm coming for you."
(Ragnarok, level 50,
) - "... Hello friends. Forgive me, I haven't had to properly introduce myself to a group of people in a long time. Mani's spoiled me that way."
, level 25,
) - "Impressive. With your help, we can finally shut that brat up for good."
(Sapphire, level 24,
) - "A-aah. Hello, sir Ragnarok. How's Miss Mani...?"
(Ivan, level 24,
) - "He-hey, we got some new guys on the team! Welcome aboard, fellows."
, level 27,
) - "Whoa! S-she's gorgeous..."
(Julian, level 29,
) - "Whooo... I was having a heart attack back there. Don't do that!"
The beginning of the end.

Chapter #5 - Breaking The Rules

[White Forest]

I absolutely love this song and I feel it's appropriate for what we're about to face.

So last time on Order Destroyed, Hoopa showed up and talked smack to us multiple times about how everything we're doing is wrong and that we're ultimately a dupe for his plans.

Yeah, how about no?

We grab another Ether and... some other item I don't remember.

I am consistently surprised at how silly looking a lot of the sprites are. They're more like giant smurfs than zombies if I have to be honest.

Ragnarok is amazing. I'm so glad I hacked him and Signe in to the game for one final laugh.

There were Sawsbuck here and I do like how they're in their Winter coat for this area... but the more impressive thing is that due to the shenanigans I did last chapter, I'm fully capable of catching Pokemon again.

Can someone please explain to me the giant coding incompetence DRG and her crew did that made the Pokedex not work?

... Why is there a blonde-haired Frontier Brain Tucker here?

Huh. That's all he says and he just... disappears.

Now would you believe me that this is another brand new villain under Hoopa's contract? (Yes, because the guy named Aizen wasn't enough.)

I don't get it. Why does Hoopa keep leaving these around if he explained that they're just to give you a false sense of security?

He already popped up over four times just to taunt us in the last chapter, so...

God damn it Velma, how did you get into Dark Rising?

Don't tell me the Mystery Inc. crew is somewhere around here to reveal that Hoopa was really an old guy in a costume.

"I feel a very strong radiance coming from you. You will be the one I help before I die."

: "Huh?"

The best reaction I could hope for, to be honest.

Long story short, this lady's name is Theresa and she has holy powers to counteract Hoopa's. All this means is that when her and Noah fight, she won't die.

It won't last long, so she encourages Noah to fight with all he's got. Honestly, if Hoopa was really the super god he thinks he is, then a teeny barrier like this shouldn't even slow him down.

Hence why I think this entire plot is stupid.

Grumpig might have been a problem if we didn't have a death god bird on our side... but to be fair, Ignell's pretty damn close.

Alright, Karate Grandma. I wonder what she's going to tell us that we don't already know.

: "... I guess."

Not much she really can do to help us other than to get Velma out the way, so hit me.

Joel's going to die. Nice knowing you, kid.

Meanwhile, Theresa can't read the Zygarde twins' futures for some reason... something about how their aura is too hard to read.

Then she gets to Noah and says that his future's bleak if he doesn't come to terms with himself... which I guess is why the Shadow exists. You know what we're gonna do.

He doesn't believe it and he takes Joel out of the house. Truthfully, with how Hoopa's been like so far, I don't think the predictions will mean that much.

But hey, have a tiling error and Velma again.

She actually does have her glasses on, so that's cute at least.

Oh hey, it's a Carbink. What's happening, little guy?

: ("Stop looking at me!")

: "What?! It spoke?!"

Just like how your Pokemon can talk to you, idiot?

: ("This human can hear my thoughts?! Oh, my! I FOUND HIM!")

Noah has an emo moment about how much destruction he's caused, but honestly he's done more help than harm so far.

"The Princess has been waiting for you!"

Keep in mind, I didn't play this far when I included Sapphire... so I guess me and DRG both watched the Diancie movie. (Son of a bitch, I just realized we have Yveltal here too.)

The Princess has been looking for a pure-hearted trainer to help fight against Hoopa, but... ugh. In another game I would be down to getting Diancie on our team, but this is Dark Rising - you know how this is going to end.

Welp, there's the princess. That overworld is actually pretty decent, not gonna lie.

The Carbink next to her just say that they've been waiting for the chosen one and Noah's it. I thought we got rid of the "chosen one" stuff a while ago, but alright I guess.

Now, here's the interesting thing - you can show her the Carbink you got from the dying lady back in Chapter 1 and Diancie will be so moved that she will join your team.

Only problem, though?

It's a trade. I like Sapphire - why do we have to give her away?

... Also, Diantha? I didn't know the Kalos Champion was here.

She's still on the overworld, but hey... we have a Diancie now!

However, I'm still not satisfied.

[Shieldner Sheldon Stage]

Of course I'm going to go catch her and nickname her for real. I'm a freak for that, you know?

: ("Princess! Oh thank goodness, you're safe!")

: ("Oh! You brought Sapphire back to me! Thank you!")

: "Glad I could help, miss... uh..."

: ("Call me Princess Carmille. You're Noah, yes? Miss Mani informed me that you're an up-and-coming hero... I was expecting someone a bit taller, but I can tell you're a strong-willed young man. Especially if you get sir Ragnarok to follow your orders!")

: "Oh come on, don't make me blush."

: ("I can see us getting along just fine. Now come on - let's stop that tyrant Hoopa!")

Gotta admit, the sprite for Diancie in this isn't half bad.

However, remember the Mega Stone we got earlier?

... O-oh. That looks... good.

But hey, we still have a Mega Diancie on our side!

: ("This might be a bit unlady-like for me to say, but... it's time to mow those suckers down!")

There's Pyroar's sprite and it's not too bad either... even if they're absolute fodder trash against Ignell.

We also get Shadow Claw! (not that it'll be useful or anything)

The strange thing about Mega Diancie's sprite in this is that it's the same in both the front and the back... so it looks even derpier than it already is.

Also, poor Weavile never catches a break.

There were some fodder items around here to grab, but the thing that catches my attention the most is that Youngster sprite, holy crap.

We also catch a Froslass because you can't just dangle one in front of me and expect me not to grab them.

They were totally not meant to be grabbed due to the Pokedex limitation, but I make my own rules.

: ("... Oh. Hello. I guess I'm traveling with a group now.")

To be honest? He's not wrong. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Focus Bands are utterly useless. They're an item that keeps you alive at 1 HP... but it only activates 10% of the time. That's cute in an online match if you're lucky enough to troll your opponent, but I'd rather not take my chances.

"And I don't feel too good..."

Well, we did all go into a snow-capped mountain without winter clothes, so I guess that's the most realistic thing in this series so far.

Also, hello Sludge.

Sludge says that Hoopa's getting stronger and that he's going to remake the world the way he wants. He also promised Sludge his own kingdom and suddenly I'm getting Wario Land 1 vibes.

Sludge mentions that the music is making Joel feel worse and Noah gets outraged.

: "Don't you have any compassion at all?! What if you had a kid?!"

Sludge: "I had a lil' boy once... Around his age, actually... I did my best for him... I loved him to death... ugh!"

Oh wow, are we finally getting a villain that isn't a flat cardboard stereotype?

Sludge gets over it and fights Noah one last time:

You can already tell how this is going to end for him.

Signe blows up his Toxicroak at least.

Ooooh damn, that's actually a really good sprite.

Normally this would be super harrowing because Mega Gengar is a monster to fight no matter the circumstances, not helped by them being level 41!

However, Signe putzes him out with only one Void Bomb. What a shame.

If you're wondering why she has Oblivion Wing despite that being Yveltal's thing, their inclusion was sort of a rush job for me... so they wound up having more or less the same moveset.

Of course, Ragnarok can't use Aura Saber... but that'd be a hell of a sight.

He established a better team in the time we last met him, but it doesn't really matter against Ignell's flames.

Ivan gets to show off his skills now that he's evolved, and...

It only does that much. I'm actually kind of disappointed, but... this is Tentacruel he's dealing with. Those guys are sponges for magic attacks.

This is what happens when you give a draining move priority - you break the game, plain and simple.

And it glorious.

Too bad for you, friend. I was just starting to like you.

Sludge has the typical villain response of "I'm the king! My humanity held me back" even though we're just plain better.

Hoopa intervenes as a disembodied voice and says that he was watching us all along. He says Sludge isn't fit for the new world because "he can't succumb to his true emotions" or some garbage, and then...

Well, let's just say it's... interesting:

: ("Face it, you're becoming a stone cold killer. Example; Remember in the Pokemon Center HQ, you battled 3 agents. For a brief moment, before the battle began, I turned their faces back to human just to see if you'd hold back or not. You didn't. You defeated them as if they were nothing but zombies in your way!")

Of course, you fucking idiot. They are zombies, right?

Besides, really? You're going to pull the "you're a ruthless killer" card on me despite everything you did? There's also the fact you're the person that made it like this in the first place. (You are the one who sucks people into black holes.)

Plus, out of every kill you could have held Noah against, you're not going to bring up the actual human girl that is also Joel's sister? If you're going to hit below the belt, at least pick the right spot.

Joel runs off and Sludge dies, I suppose. Oh no, you can already see where this is going.

Smile all you want, you big dummy, Carmille's still going to bury you and your Rufflet.

Damn, she actually put anti sequence breaking features in.

Now this? This is stranger danger, my friends.

That's the gist of this scene, so let's move on.

Zombified kids and a bunch of dead hikers... I swear to god if this cave is what I think it is.

The Macho Brace doubles effort values gained but lowers speed while it's equipped. Truthfully this is pretty useless, especially when you realize the game's almost over.

... Yes, really.

We get another Mega Stone without having to fight anyone, surprisingly.

Why am I saying that even though there's a crowd of zombies ready to rip our face off?

See, Dark Rising Girl either forgot or just plain didn't want to make them attack you. Yeah, the only way they're going to engage you in a battle is if you let them, because their line of sight just plain doesn't work.

The strangest thing about it too is that Noah's acting like they're swarming him when... they're not.

I can't believe baby Joel is dead.

Oh well.

So... the man in yellow is the Pied Piper and he turned Joel into a zombie. However, before they killed him, they told him that Noah murdered Ellie and that he's furious even in death.

In-Game Noah's like "HOW DID YOU DO THIS?!" while LP!Noah saw it coming a mile away.

If I cared about Joel, this would be kind of heartwrenching, but as it stands...

Let's put him out of his misery.

He's an Ice type specialist! That's neat.

He also has his own Rotom-Frost that... gets smashed by Carmille after she realized there's no Pokepuffs inside.

Hex is a Ghost type move that deals extra damage if the opponent has a status effect, but it's pretty bad to use considering Rotom in the appliances isn't even part Ghost-type anymore.

Oh sweet jesus. Now this, my friends, could be a real nightmare.

Mega Glalie is pretty diesel on its own, but when you give them Moody (an ability that randomly increases or decreases certain stats per turn, including evasion)... hoo boy.

Thankfully Ignell has none of it and burns him out before he can become a real problem.

I'd love to know the original artist who made these Mega sprites because they are nice.

Noah is sorry for killing Joel, but truthfully? He was kinda doomed from the beginning.

Aizen tells Noah to be silent and that he's a fool, although coming from him that's a laugh.

The Zygarde twins finally get pissed enough and call Hoopa out... then this happens.


They managed to "restore order" and revive Joel (somehow) with bullshit Zygarde magic! Finally, a break from the doom and gloom at least.

Brace yourself for this next one:


Suck it.

Aizen's amazed that Hoopa got angry and honestly, this has to be the most satisfying moment in the series that isn't from my own doing. He finally gets a small piece of the humble pie.

Also, Hoopa mentions that Zygarde has always been there to stop him from having "fun" (with a million quotation marks) and this is where they drop that, yes, Zyro and Zyree really are Zygarde's kids.

You know, I was at least kind of hoping I was wrong and that wasn't that case, but nope - some lady screwed an earth dragon god and had babies with them.

You know, out of everything this story was missing, we totally needed bestiality.

Hoopa finally loses his cool and pledges to kill us all, but I doubt that.

... Wait, hold up. Is that who I think it is?

You're kidding.

Out of everyone you include, you bring in Zinnia? But... but why? What could she possibly do in the storyline at this point?

Welp, we just beat up Aster. Poor little baby didn't deserve it.

Carmille did learn Power Gem though, so it's not all bad.

... Huh. Her Salamence isn't Mega evolved for some reason. Maybe they couldn't fit the sprite in or something.

She ain't afraid of no dragons.

Noah immediately assumes she's working with Hoopa because the fight didn't kill her, but Zinnia tells him that she wants to restore order too and that the Zygarde twins are the key.

I guess that makes sense.

Also: hello, not-Navel Rock. This is what, like the third time we've been here?

They retcon that Zinnia is the guardian of the Omni Megastone and how there was only one Mega stone ever before Darugis shattered it, which you know is wrong if DRG went out of her way to include Zinnia of all people.

Yes, dummy. This is the aftermath of 2's (bad) ending, you know.

Zinnia mentions that Darugis never guessed that Hoopa would be behind it all, but then it gets... weird. Hoopa somehow created a fake Arceus to fool him even though that still makes zero sense and doesn't really stop what happens at the end of 2 from being an insane ass-pull cop out.

Killing both Darugis and Arceus allows Hoopa to control the universe and it's just... my brain hurts because of how nonsensical this all is. It really does seem like a genuine effort was being made but they didn't know what to do with it, so they just kept going.

It kinda drives me insane.

To make things less complicated on myself, LP!Hoopa or Loki as I like to call him, is doing this because he wanted to infiltrate the heroes from the inside. Sure, it involved sealing Darugis/Alberich away, but he's more than happy to continue his reign of terror.

None of this "I am the true god!!" horsedookey - he's doing it out of a twisted sense of affection for his master, because I should mention that both Alberich and Loki used to be nice people before all of this happened.

I feel so bad for Monica and Noah - they're stuck in an awful situation that doesn't seem to ever end... and since I'm controlling them, I get to see it all first-hand.

But hey, at least Aster is here to give us a top up before we do anything crazy.

Every little bit helps.

Oh jeez. Next time on Dark Rising: Order Destroyed, we finally cap off the end of this series! See you then.

Team setup:

means Mega-evolved.

, level 44,
) - "We've made it this far, may as well finish it."
(Signe, level 52,
) - "... I miss Sigurd. All of my family, really..."
(Ragnarok, level 50,
) - "I can finally put an end to all of this madness with your help, Noah. We just have to be brave."
, level 32,
) - "I just wish we could have met in happier times... maybe we could have had a costume party."
, level 25,
) - "That does sound nice, but there's still the matter of living through this..."
(Sapphire, level 24,
) - "I'll protect you no matter what, Princess!"
(Ivan, level 27,
) - "Things are getting real serious now - we better step up our game!"
, level 29,
) - "No kidding. Alright, I know this is unrelated, but I used to have a Glaceon friend and Signe reminds me of her a lot..."
(Julian, level 29,
) - "I just wish I could have done more to help. Everyone else pulled their weight."
(Reika, level 36,
) - "... What an interesting bunch of people you are."
I've spent so much time enduring this series that I can't believe that it's finally coming to a close.

Let's end it off on a high note, yeah?

Chapter #6 - Defying The Infinite Darkness (Finale)

The final fight before Hoopa is our own shadow... not gonna lie, that's pretty neat.

"When will you accept that I am the real you?"

Noah denies it and rejects the Shadow, but literally everyone but him realizes that, hey, maybe that's not the right way to do it.

He still only has one Pokemon and I have to admit... the Shadow came out of nowhere, but it's surprisingly one of the most interesting things in this game.

Sure, it's almost directly lifted from the Persona series, but it shows a side of his personality that I would have had to fill in otherwise.

The two Ignells go at it, but I gotta be honest - this is easily the toughest opponent you'll face. Granted, thanks to Zinnia's Whismur, you can finally grind to your heart's content due to not needing to worry about resources anymore... but you know how I feel about grinding.

His Fire Blast is ridiculous - it does over half my health despite being half effective. I'd wager to say that this would outright kill anybody else that doesn't resist it.

Normally I'd get mad because this kind of challenge is usually accompanied by a ton of other crap, but when it's only one? Eh, it's fine.

Thank god for this crit too, because I'm positive it would have been far less cool if Signe or Ragnarok did it instead.

It's a test to conquer yourself, after all.

Shadow: "Hm? You admit it?!"

: "Yes. You're right. You are me. You're the other half of me. I wanted to destroy the world, I wanted to create it all over again... Just like Hoopa. But Monica, my best friend, showed me that was the wrong path. Everything you said was the truth. I accept you, Noah."

Well hot damn - an actual character building moment.

The "wanting to create the world again" thing was still stupid, but at least Monica helped him get past that edgy phase of his life.

Everyone smiles and we move on to the next bit.

[The Forlorn Sanctum]

One last intermission before we take on the final boss...

By the way, I should mention that we can't go back - there's no access points back and these maps aren't connected to anything, so we're doing this for real.

Joel forgives us for killing his sister because he knows that Hoopa was behind it all. Truthfully your sister needed to practice self-control, but I'll take what I can get.

His revival was the most interesting thing about him because he totally seemed like a fodder character that was just there to make Noah feel sad for the umpteenth time.

Zyro says that Noah's a cool guy and that he's determined to make Hoopa pay for everything he's done.

He was kind of annoying at first but I can see something cool in him, I just don't have the patience to see it.

He also asks Noah if his catchphrase was cool or not. What a dork.

Zyree laments that the power they used to resurrect Joel was the same that kept them isolated from the world, but Noah reaffirms that it's a gift and that they hold the key to defeating Hoopa.

She feels like she'll become a test subject again, but then this bit happens:


I liked Zyree more by default, but I still can't believe that they're both the hybrid spawn of Zygarde. I just... what a strange way to go about it.

Wow, that's a lot of purple. Anyway, this is it - let's make things right.

"You all ruined my game and now you will all pay for it with your lives. You pitiful offsprings of Zygarde, you're nothing! You hold no importance in my new world. In fact, you were never important to begin with! You're just cursed children!"

You sure you're not talking about yourself there?

: "No they're not. They're normal human beings, just like I am. Actually, they're more important than I am. Zyro and Zyree are special because they have the power to end this!"

Joel wants to help too. c:

This next bit is hilarious.


Hahaha. Oh boy, you're in for a treat.

Noah says some crap about how he knows he can't defeat Hoopa and that he was "chosen" to help Zyro and Zyree get away.

The Pied Piper will do the honors of killing Noah, but I'm just... who is this guy? Why is he a thing and where did Aizen go? Whatever.

He tells the kids to scram and that he's trusting Zyro with the fate of the world. A noble sentiment, but...

("You face a challenge you cannot win. You must battle Hoopa long enough for the children to get away. You must accept defeat.")

What, so we built up his character just to get him unceremoniously killed off by the main villain not even 10 minutes afterward?

No, come on.


Brace yourselves for this one, guys.

He's level 100.

Not only that, he has 200 in every stat and has Wonder Guard to boot.

Yep, that sounds about right.

: ("So much for your death god, hehe.")

Ignell actually got a hit off on him!

... Not that it means much.

: ("No... Not here...!")

: ("Sorry, sis. It's what Alberich would have wanted.")

I hate hopeless boss fights, especially when they're supposed to be the final boss. :/

[Game Over]

"They are the future... Monica, I'll be with you soon, pal..."

Oh come on, Noah. Don't say that.

By the way, this message will play if all your Pokemon faint anywhere, not just here. It'd be weird to see this before Noah even gets to know the Zygarde twins, but whatever.

The Pokemon gym theme is also what plays here, by the way. Yes, your character just died so have one of the most encouraging songs in the game.

"And from beneath where man dare not tread. It gazed upon the world. Lurking, breathing, watching. No man shall see the light of day... Order must be restored."

Damn, that's a level of pretension that I'm surprised didn't come out of this series before now. That's pseudo Shakespeare at its finest.

But... I guess that's where it ends.




[Noah is blinded by a bright light]

: "Wh... what's happening?"

[Noah sees the faint outline of a familiar person in the distance]

[Celes's Theme]

: ("What are you doing, Noah? I thought you were stronger than that.")

: "M-Monica?! Is that really you?!"

: ("The one and only. Get up, Noah - your job's not done yet.")

: "But... aren't I dead? Loki was too strong..."

: ("Not quite. The Jewel of Life saved you. I finally understand why it was so important... it's Arceus. Their essence is sealed inside the Jewel itself... and they just used their strength to give you another chance.")

: "Really?! That's unbelievable. But what about you?"

: ("I'm... actually due to come back thanks to miss Mani and Ragnarok's help. They found a way to bring me back to life without any dire consequences... not as a zombie or an immortal, but as a human again. That's why I want you to stand up and kick the little bastard's face in for me.")

: "... Hell yeah!"

[The Jewel of Life appears in Noah's hands, followed by a vision of the Zygarde Twins's green eyes]

[Chrono Trigger Main Theme]

We are ready.

: ("What?! How did you get back up? I thought that finished you.")

: ("Oh well, I guess I just had to double tap.")

[Ragnarok shrugs it off]

: ("Are you done?")

: ("... O-oh. Oh no.")

: ("Damn it! Where did all of this power come from?")

Hoopa shrugs it off by saying "haha lol didn't count cuz i make the rulez" which I sort of what I expected... but hey, at least Dark Rising Girl actually put something in instead of leaving it to crash or something.

"We will continue until you die!"

Noah more or less repeats that he's leaving destiny in the hands of the Zygarde twins and Joel, but there is something else -

("You've completed Order Destroyed's True Ending. Download and play Dark Rising 3 to experience the final installment in the Dark Rising series. Thank you for playing!")

Technically? I'm going to blow all your minds with this, but... Order Destroyed is Dark Rising 3.

Not really, but it's the third game in the series whereas the actual 3 would be the fourth game. Really, I'm just coming up with reasons to not continue and just leave it here.

Despite Hoopa being like "we'll fight until you die!!", talking to him again will just repeat the ending message. So how about we end this off in style?

: ("I won't... I won't let you off so lightly! Noah, allow me to show you why Alberich chose me to rule in his stead!")

[Five Pokemon with Darkrai features manifest out of a pool of black liquid]

: "Whoa... what are these things?!"

[Mabinogi Final Boss Theme]

: ("Hatred made flesh.")

The final battle alarm!

So yeah, Loki makes a comeback with five Darkmons now that Noah and the guys have gotten a super boost.

Evil Ignell comes with all the nasty stuff - Sucker Punch, Dark Pulse, Flamethrower, you name it. It doesn't help that it's even stronger than the Mega that the Shadow had, so good god.

He just barely takes the damn thing down and triumphs over his real inner demons.

110 / 140 / 90 / 150 / 140 / 110 (740 Total -

I had to give everyone in this team an opponent to fight, so Ivan gets an Evil Kyogre to deal with! This was one of the Darkmons I had neglected to put into Dark Rising 2, so at least I get to show it off here.

By the way, you're probably wondering why I didn't give Evil Kyogre Drizzle despite that being their thing.

... Well... I don't know what Dark Rising Girl or her crew did, but weather effects freeze the game. No, seriously.

This is the real reason Mega Charizard Y has Tough Claws instead - having Drought like normal would softlock the game. What happened?

Ivan shocks the thing into submission despite it being stronger than him. That's my boy.

: ("Wait... this thing looks familiar.")

: ("No! Th-Thetis?! Wh...")

: ("What did they do to you...?")

Evil Glaceon here is another canned mon. She is
type with the following stats:

100 / 150 / 50 / 150 / 96 / 120 (666 Total)

She hits pretty hard, but Rodrigo can take it.

[Rodrigo used Close Combat!]

[The Darkrai parts melt off of her body. She falls to the ground unconscious]

There wasn't a lot I could do to tie this one to Rodrigo personally due to the short amount of time, but at least they have something.

: ("No... Loki, you didn't...")

: ("Sis, help...")

: ("Don't worry. I'll get you out of this.")

That's not a fake Siegfried, by the way.

Sometime during/after the bad ending of 2, Loki turned him into a Darkmon. When you realize they're brothers in every way with the exception of blood ties, that uh... yeah, jeez.

He also seriously cripples Signe with a Thunderbolt, but Synchronize comes to the rescue.

[Signe used Aura Saber!]

[Siegfried falls on his back with the Darkrai parts melting into the ground]

: ("Siegfried!!")

: ("S...sis. Is that really you...?")

[She holds him in her arms]

: ("Yes, it's me. Are you alright?!")

: ("I... I think so! You can't believe how scared I was. I thought I'd never get to see you again...")

: ("There, it's fine now. I just... ugh!")

: ("Don't move, sis! We're in real bad shape...")

: ("... Hello, miss Selene. How long has it been?")

The final Darkmon is Selene herself and she's built to last. She has Wish on top of having ridiculous durability (120/130 with 120 health) and I (think) I gave her Toxic.

Carmille is the best choice for her because of Magic Bounce and Calm Mind. Just... look at this.

[Selene's body returns to normal as she slumps to the ground]

: ("Oh dear - I hope that didn't kill her.")

: ("Alright, so you managed to stop the puppets...")

: ("But you still have ME to deal with!")

: ("Oh really?")

[Ragnarok flares with a dark aura]

I figured it'd be more appropriate to use Falgaia's Hoopa sprite for Loki instead of the other one.

(Yes, he can use Void Bomb. It's a link attack with Signe.)

: ("N-No... what happened to my Unbound form? Did the Jewel of Life seal it?")

: ("It's over, Loki. This is the ultimate price for every crime you and Alberich have committed.")

: ("We had everything planned out perfectly and yet... you, of all people, still found a way to shut us down.")

: ("I'm... actually impressed, haha. And here we thought you were second rate, Noah.")


: ("... Goodbye, Loki.")

: ("Signe... I couldn't ask for a better sister than you.")

: ("Too good for me, even... heh. Maybe everything could have been better if we just kept ourselves under control...")

[His body fades into dust]

: ("Noah... I have no idea how to properly thank you! You really are a hero.")

: "Hey, yeah... We did it! We saved the world! We changed fate!"

: "Come on, guys, let's get out of here!"

And so, that ends Dark Rising: Order Destroyed. Sure, this isn't the game-canon ending, but screw that.

The short length would normally be a positive, but there's so many things Dark Rising Girl wants to do in this short time span that it all turns into a giant mess. What's the point of building up Noah's character with the Shadow if he's just going to get killed by Hoopa?

Not only that, isn't the "survival" aspect of the game made entirely moot if everything you've been working towards is just an early grave at Hoopa's hands? It's so backwards.

The game was more balanced and had a tighter level curve this time around, but it still had some sadistic enemy choices and all of the technical problems behind the scenes made it even worse.

Listen, I find it admirable she was able to work around them to an extent, but at the same time she could have just... taken the time to fix them.

[A few days later]

[Epilogue - To Good Friends]

: "Thank you for taking us in, Princess, but it's time to go."

: ("My pleasure, Noah. It's the least I can do for your valiant efforts.")

: "You sure you don't want to stay here? These are your people, after all."

: ("I'll admit I'm slightly conflicted... but if there's anybody I want to see the world with, it's with you. Sapphire can fill in for me while we're gone.")

: "Ah, I see..."

: "Hey."

: "I've missed you, buddy."

: "... Glad to have you back."

[The two of them embrace each other in a tight hug]

Final setup:

means Mega-evolved.

(Ignell, level 100,
) - "Our future looks bright! I'm glad to see you back, Monica!"
(Signe, level 100,
) - "I hope Sigurd can rest in peace, wherever he is..."
(Siegfried, level 100,
) - "I know he'd be proud of us, sis!"
(Selene, level 100,
) - "It'll take quite a bit to rebuild our family... But I'm content as long as I have you."
(Ragnarok, level 100,
) - "It's the end of an era, I see... I'm glad I could help fix it."
(Carmille, level 100,
) - "Oooh, I'm so excited to meet all of your friends! Let's have a celebration!"
, level 94,
) - "I can now say with absolute certainty that I've survived two zombie apocalypses... Jack will flip when we get back."
(Sapphire, level 24,
) - "Goodbye, Princess! Please, take care of yourselves!"
(Ivan, level 83,
) - "We did it, boys."
(Rodrigo, level 91,
) - "I'm so glad everyone is safe at least... I just hope Thetis checks out of the Pokemon Center soon, though."
(Julian, level 70,
) - "Your chances of getting Signe's attention are still low, my friend."
(Reika, level 56,
) - "I was going to ask what's happening, but alright. This is fine."

[Listen to this while you read through: Yuukyou Seishunka]

Final Thoughts of Order Destroyed

Rating scale:

Excellent (84 – 100)
Average(50 -69)
Bad – also counts as B-Movie So Bad It’s Good in case I happen to enjoy it (35 – 49)
Awful (34 to 0)

Full Title: Pokemon Dark Rising: Order Destroyed

Originally published: June ‎26, ‎2016 (that's at least what the rom says) and it was published on the Dark Rising weebly page.

Type: Pokemon rom hack, which qualifies as turn-based RPG

Length: 2 hours and 35 minutes

Difficulty: Medium-to-above-average. It is far more balanced and keeps it to a strictly 20-40 range, but enemies tend to be more prepared than you. The lack of resources prevent you from grinding comfortably until you reach Zinnia's Whismur... but the final boss is still level 100.

  • DarkRisingGirl- Story/Mapper
  • Franco Kuchiki- Gatolete World Rom Base
  • Mr.DollSteak- Decap & Attack Rom Base
  • E.C./Red-Ex/Seiyouh/Zein/Wesley FG/Javs/Steven/Erma96/Kyledove- Winter Tiles
  • Newtiteuf Chaos Rush & Mr.DollSteak Pokemon Sprite Resources- Pokemon Sprites
  • Mike39201- Mega Sceptile Sprite & Mega Swampert Sprite
  • iihurricane- Mega Lucario Sprite
  • quanyails- Hoopa Sprite/Diancie Sprite
  • Brylark- Mega Sableye Sprite
  • Gnomowladny- Mega Glalie & Zinnia Sprites
  • Samurai_Rendan- Pyroar Resized Sprite
  • Commander F- Charizard X Sprite
  • Arc- Mega Blaziken Sprite
  • Archeopteryxx- Mega Manectric Sprite & Zygarde Sprite
  • Absoluteweapon- Mega Absol Sprite
  • Chasemortier & Azira- Carbink OW Sprite
  • Pokeargentum- Diancie OW Sprite
  • Gardemenoko- Mega Diancie Sprite
Overall Plot:
  • This takes place after the events of Dark Rising 2 and you play as the rival instead. Your goal is to "survive" in Hoopa's new world and a zombie apocalypse is involved.

Pros & Cons

·The mapping, when it's not horrendously done on purpose or stolen from vanilla maps, is actually pretty decent. I like the tiles she puts in, even if they're not animated. The winter tiles are easily my favorite.

·No HM use at all, mostly due to the short length and lack of gym battles

·It is easily the shortest game in the series and extremely brief, thank god.

·The game is far more lenient compared to the previous two due to having an extremely tight level curve. You can reasonably defeat everything in the game barring the final boss without having to grind or cheat, which is damn impressive after slogging through Dark Rising 1 and 2.

·Some of the writing was decent, like the parts with Noah and his Shadow. I can see why people would like the Zygarde twins, but they're just... okay to me.

·You get Megas to use for yourself! Not only that, a lot of the sprites are decently made... barring Mega Diancie.

·I do like some of the survival aspects even if the game started to be a bit more difficult than necessary.

·It's something I would consider... playable, at least.

·The Pied Piper was honestly a more interesting villain than Hoopa.

·The eventing still suffers the same problems as the past two games. Nothing amazing really happens and you're more or less locked in an extremely linear path from beginning to end.

·The maps that look bad look horrendous. The first room where we get the Pokedex set the tone of what I was getting myself into this time.

·Hoopa was arguably even more insufferable than Darugis. Somehow, with both god and "the devil" out of the way, Hoopa gains the power to control the universe... even though that makes zero sense.

It doesn't help that they're just an annoying kid version of Darugis (gary stu powers and all) that thinks they're being clever by being meta even though they're the worst villain I've seen in a while. They did have one or two moments that weren't dumb, but that's about it.

·Aizen was another low point because they don't even try to be subtle with him being evil, yet Noah and the others are shocked about his betrayal. I assume he had to be brought into this story somehow due to being brought up in Dark Rising 2, but he's just... there.

·The whole zombie apocalypse setting. Ignoring everything else, it's pretty basic and loaded with cliches. The Trainer's Curse is poorly explained and Noah getting all depressed over killing the undead is so forced that I'm not even going to play along. The human fatalities are even worse because every single one is because they just don't want to listen for the sake of drama. Every tear Noah sheds is bound to catch the audience, am I right?

Then there was that bit where Hoopa tried to hold that against you despite the fact he's the one who summons the black holes that kill people.

Plus, don't get me started on how it's almost a wholesale ripoff of Snakewood - it's obvious Dark Rising Girl is a fan due to mentioning it in Dark Rising 1.

·The enemy trainers you face were pretty damn harrowing. Shout outs go to Mega Sableye and both times you fight Mega Charizard X. You might have to do some grinding, but with no Pokecenters and a finite amount of items... it might seriously bite you in the ass. It sort of boils down to luck until you get to the one or two healing spots.

·The dupe towards the end that the Machine wasn't real and that you're sealed off from going back to it. Imagine you're playing along and you don't have a walk through walls code like me - if you put any Pokemon in it like Aizen was suggesting, you'll never get them back. I don't know why you would, but it's still a real dick move.

·The Pokedex being broken to the point where just viewing an entry will completely softlock the game. This also prevents you from catching Pokemon, so what you see is what you get. Then there was the bit where weather effects crash the game. I don't know what happened in Order Destroyed's development, but this is just awful... and the fact she decided to write around all of it is even worse.

·The Zygarde Twins literally being the result of a human-Pokemon romance with Zygarde. Not only did I not want to see bestiality played completely straight and seriously, Zyro and Zyree also hold the key to defeating Hoopa... somehow.

·What is the point of a survival game if you get killed at the end by a level 100 Hoopa anyway? The scenes with Noah's Shadow (which are also plagarized from the Persona series) are made worthless because of this.

Final Thoughts (27/100):

Order Destroyed was an interesting experiment with mediocre-at-best execution. Let's have a short zombie survival game where the goal is to make it to the end with minimal supplies.

That would be great if it weren't for the fact that almost every part about this was mismanaged - the story is as flimsy as ever, but now that I actually got to see Hoopa, I can't stand him. Not because he's well written or because of the trolling aspect - in fact, if any legendary were to turn evil for some reason and act like this, Hoopa would make the most sense.

Nah, it's because they're also an ultra competent chessmaster with super uber powers. Even then, the way they're written makes them so annoying that they'd be better off as a side villain, not the main bad guy. Sort of like Mason from the second game.

Add all of the other disposable characters and the fact you die at the end regardless of what you do is just... it's infuriating.

In fact, this entire series may not be on the same level of pure garbage like something I've discovered recently like Pokemon Ultra Version (a game that is literally broken), especially as the series got slightly better in each new game... but I dunno.

There's something about Dark Rising that makes it even more offensive than a Big Rigs-esque disaster of coding and misdirection. (although the first game definitely qualifies for that, holy hell.)

It hits me in all the wrong places and if it weren't for certain things and my own perseverance (plus there's a little something called Bile Fascination - people love a good shitshow), I wouldn't have even made it to 2.

I do like how Order Destroyed wasn't impossible without cheating, but the bugged mechanics and... everything else make it not worth revisiting. I'm just glad I finally got this over with.

And now, for one last time, thanks for watching.
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