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Welcome to the Resources subforum!

Before posting, please make sure you read this entire post carefully, threads in this section require moderator approval and will NOT be approved if they don’t follow these rules

Thread Prefixes
When posting a thread, please make sure to select an appropriate prefix for your thread. These can be shown by clicking the “Other” icon shown in the screenshot. The prefix you choose should make it obvious what content your thread contains. If none are appropriate, please select “Other” for now. We will be reviewing these as time goes on to ensure they remain useful.

Thread Titles
Please try and keep your thread titles clear. If you have a sprite library for example then something along the lines of “Alice’s Sprite Repository” is clear and useful, something like "Thought these were cute, might delete them though lol" is not.

For tool resources specifically we ask that you use a specific naming convention for your thread, this is due to tools not always having the clearest names. This is as follows:
[Tool] {Tool Type} - {Your Tool’s Name} - {Optional: Version Number or Update Date}

As an example (Sorry Gamer2020, I’m not picking on you I swear):

Much clearer, you can see at a glance what the tool is for and the version number.

Thread Content
For the most part please just make sure your thread is clear and readable. Avoid using too much formatting here unless it makes it MORE readable and easier to navigate. Remember that these resources are here to help people, that’s not going to be the case if they can’t read them! Other than that just follow the forum rules and we should be all good!

End Notes
This should be just about everything you need to know about posting in this section. If your post is not accepted we will inform you why to allow you to fix it.
We look forward to hosting your resources!
Not open for further replies.