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  • Announcement - March 5th 12:17 PM GMT

    Hi there Guest!
    Thanks for checking out Silph Co.! Right now things are very much still in development with things like themes, guidelines, rules and most importantly content, still being a WIP. The staff and our members are actively working to make the community more homey for you. In the mean time, we are welcoming feedback and suggestions if you have them in the Feedback section.
    Please read the forum rules before posting.

PLEASE READ: Water Cooler Rules

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Just a few temporary rules before I have chance to write up some proper ones.

  • Stay on Thread Topic
  • No pointless, spammy threads (shitposts). If you want to spam random stuff keep it to PMs or Statuses
  • Avoid Politics and other sensitive issues
  • Keep it PG-13, there's no reason not to
  • Obviously follow the main forum rules too
  • Threads related to gaming belong in the Celadon Game Corner (even non-Pokémon related games!
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