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Gen III - FireRed Pokemon Blast Burn 2019 Version

Project Status

You will play as Red with the same story of Pokemon Fire Red. The only changes that have been added to this ROM Hack are the NEW Rivals and Events that will be connected to the story of Pokemon Titanium which will be released soon. With the NEW Events that had been added to this ROM Hack Red will encounter a Mysterious Trainer named Dusk. Who is Dusk? Where did he came from? Why is he in Kanto Region? Is he a friend or a foe? You will be able to uncover the story of Dusk as you play.

New Rivals
Ultra Wormholes
NDS Overworld Sprites
Mega in Battle
BW Music
New Rivals
New Legendaries Added
Battle House
Gen 1-6 (for now)
PSS System
Gen 5 Repel System
Running Shoes Indoors
Shiny Rate Encounter Increased

Screenshots Blast Burn.png

Current Progress

Don't encountered any just let me know if you encountered one so that I may be able to fix it.

Touched (for his Mega Evolution System )
FBI (for helping me with the colored stats compiling issue)
Karatekid552 (The G3HS tool)
Gamer2020 (for helping me out with the PGE issues and PGE)
M.Hussain (for the TM/HM stuff)
Gamefreak (for pokemon fire red)
[email protected] (for some of the item insertion)
Dr.Fuji In His Battle Background Insertion Tutorial
Jack of Blades HGSS Fire Red PkmonMMO patch
Red-kun for Trainer Red Battle Back Sprites
joojishibuki for Red Trainer Sprite
NePenNameGirl for Red Overworld Sprite
tebited15 for Prof Oak and Green Overworld
Diegoisawesome for GBA Intro Manager
polloron for his PIXEL ART of Mega Charizard X without his artwork I won't be able to make the Game Cover for Blast Burn.
silentdeath for Lesser Sprite aka Trainer Dusk.
Jaizu for bag insertion tutorial and Nisarg for his bag sprites!
LukeeGD (ripped and inserted all of the music and most of the samples from BW/B2W2)
GoGoJJTech, Wobbu (HGSS Music Patch)
ipatix (midfix4agb and the music mixer ASM hack)
Jack of Blades for the link he provided for the tileset patch ( even though I edtited it a little LOL)

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