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Pokemon Challenge/Modernization Hack (Emerald)

I feel like the original Pokemon games (given their audience of most;y children and the marketing tactics of Nintendo) have created games that are both too easy and imbalanced. Call me nostalgic but I also feel like some of the designs of Gen V+ mon look horrible. I'd like to make my own mod based on a game/generation that is both somewhat modern mechanically while less power creep-y than current. The plan is to make the game both harder than the base game and introduce (with community discussion with me having the final say) new mechanics piecemeal to make a better version of the existing Pokemon games. The goal is to creating a challenging game that can also function as a competitive patch. My design philsophy:

-Parsimony+Usefulness (We will try to make each move, ability, Pokemon unique in some way and relevant to battle. Nothing redundant or useless should exist. An example of this would be every single Pokemon starting out with Frustration with higher PP and lower damage variance instead of Pound/Scratch/Tackle so I can use those slots to port more Gen IV+ moves.)
-Overall balance (We want all the Fully Evolved Pokemon and Stage Before Fully Evolved + Eviolite to roughly belong to Uber/OU/UU. I'm not sure if we should delete the Pokemon that ended up in NU in Gen III and replace them with better Gen IV+ mons though.)
-Nuzlocke+NoGrind (this should be enforced by ASM hacks. This means a white out should restart the game and corrupt the save file. This means if a pokemon faints, it is automatically released after battle. This means there should be a flag for each route/area which is set when the first non-event Pokemon is met there. Once that Pokemon is met, no more wild Pokemon appear. This also has the benefit of preventing EV training outside of trainer battles.)
-Ability to encounter all 386 (or possibly more) without trading. We are not Nintendo trying to promote the sale of more cartridges. All the Pokemon should be obtainable in one playthrough without trading. However, since Nuzlocke is in play, no one will get all 386 in one playthrough, which adds replay value.
-Increased Difficulty via finite resources (Not sure what this entails, ideas so far:
1. Before any trainer battle starts, you must select the Pokemon. You may not use select more Pokemon than your opponent. Maybe this will be restricted to Gyms/E4/Rival only.
2. On top of NoGrind clause, there is a OncePokemonCenter clause, which states that each Pokemon center location may only be used once per game.
3. On top of the NoGrind clause, there is effectively a no-buy clause, which states that the marts only sell Burn Heal, Antidote, Escape Rope, Repel, and X-STAT items. If I implement 2 and 3, it is very possible I may have to increase the total number of ethers in the game or make ether buyable. I'll adjust other potion availability after we have a patch out and testers give input.
4. On top of the NoGrind clause, there is a no-item clause, which states that only non-held items usable during battle are X-STAT items.
5. Removal of free items like berries being able to grow in loamy soil, getting free berries per day (at the very least, you will no longer be able to get daily healing berries), and pickup giving you potions, rare candies, or extra copies of TMs. Trainer rematches are now fixed to occur after certain events and cap out, meaning no trainer can be rebattled infinitely. The day care no longer levels up your Pokemon, only giving eggs for compatible Pokemon.
6. Player has an IV disadvantage. Something like wild and encounter Pokemon are guaranteed to have 0-1 IVs while enemy trainers will have Pokemon with IVs 30-31. Also, all enemy trainers should be allowed to have EV allocations, just like the Battle Tower trainers. To compensate, Hidden Power always has 70 BP and IVs only determine type.
7. All trainer battles will be like link battles where the player is not prompted about incoming enemy switch-ins.
BONUS. As a reward for beating my hard mode patch, the added difficulty features + nuzlocke features should end after becoming Champion or fighting Steven or capturing a certain post-game legendary.)

Things I'm not decided on. I have some strong but controversial views on certain Gen IV+ mechanics. I'd like the community's input before I proceed:

1. Should we go physical/special split all the way? I feel like it was responsible for actually a lot of otherwise strong Pokemon falling out of the meta. I personally would favor a compromise where:

The defensive stat used to block damage is always based on the typing of the move, using the rules of Gen III.
The offensive stat used to calculate damage should be based on the move itself. Some moves have consistently been special in all generations and the animation gives no ambiguity (like Flamethrower or Solarbeam). Some moves have clearly been physical in all generations and the animation gives no ambiguity (like Cross Chop or Rock Slide). Other moves were special/physical in Gen III and changed in Gen IV+ (like Hyper Beam or Shadow Ball) and many older Pokemon had stats assigned based on the older type=physical/special definitions (and I don't wish to retcon stats except to buff the competitive viability of a Pokemon with unique mechanics like Castform or Ditto), or their animation suggests a special and physical component (like Fire Fang, Aqua Tail, Aqua Jet). IN the cases for these moves, I think the best way is to take the maximum of the Pokemon's ATK and SATK, after calculating stat modifier stages, as the attack stat.

2. Should we implement stealth rock?

I feel stealth rock is unhealthy for the game. Because of stealth rock, certain types become more competitively useless (bug, fire, flying, ice) with a few marked exceptions (usually Pokemon who also had resistances to rock or were super OP already). It actually exacerbated the power creep already because by Gen V and VI, the designs for many pokemon of these types (who didn't take neutral damage to stealth rock) had to have extremely OP stats or attacks just to compensate while older Pokemon were not similarly retconned. This is just a recipe for imbalance and power creep, IMO.

3. Should these exist a non-damaging move that instantly destroys substitutes on top of other effects? I feel like foresight/miracle eye can take this role if evasion is also part of this patch's meta.

4. Should we fully implement Fairy type?

It just feels like this type was created to address the imbalance created by the cumulative effects started in Gen IV (stealth rock, garchomp's troll speed + palkia's defensive typing in Gen IV, very powerful fighting moves on a whole variety of pokemon hitting for physical or special damage, etc.) However, since this patch's goals is to rebalance these errors, maybe Fairy type doesn't need to be fully introduced. I'm open to making normal types "psuedo-fairy" by negating dragon type attacks or removing their weakness to fighting (though the thought of Blissey or Snorlax being stronger than they are now gives me pause on the latter idea), but I'm not sure yet.

5. Should we implement all mega-evolved?

The purist in me feels like Pokemon should remain "recognizable". In this sense, I feel like all Pokemon should evolve no more than 2 times, and some megaevolved were just fanservice for making already popular Pokemon really OP so kids would want to buy the game. At the same time, I don't doubt many Pokemon mega-evolves (for Pidgeot, Beedrill, Sableye, Mawile) were necessary just to make them not useless. In the case of some of the latter (since they already are a twice evolved Pokemon), I might just make their base stats or typings the default for the non-mega evolved Pokemon.

EDIT: Oh right, I probably should describe myself. I know how to ASM hack, but I have zero artistic skills. The last time I touched my assembly was a few years ago, though. I don't know how scripting works, nor am I aware of the latest achievements of Pokemon hacking in the last 5-7 years. If someone can appraise me on which things are currently doable and which things require my original research and what tools are available, I'll be very happy.
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1. I find this idea too complicated for the player. I personally like the phys. special split from gen 4 onwards more.

2. Stealth rocks is so good in competetive play because people switch a lot in competetive play. For Stealth rocks to be powerful ingame, you would have to change the A.I. into making intelligent switches. In general, i do prefer to play without stealth rocks aswell though.
You could also "counter" SR by giving lots of Pokemon access to Rapid spin and Defog while limiting the distribution of Sr or maybe half the damage Sr causes.


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In general I totally agree with you and your thoughts, although there are several things I would try to solve otherwise.

I was always saddened that there are almost 400 different Pokémon but only about 50 or so were really used. One can debate about the relevance of making even the non-fully evolved 'mons useful (thinking of Magikarp, Weedle/Kakuna, Unown x28 and so on) but even a lot of fully evolved 'mons are more or less useless as well while other inferior ones are hardly overused and somewhat essential.
The reasons are pretty obvious: Poor stats, poor learnable moves, poor abilities, extreme weaknesses and overall better clones.
My personal tries in hacking always aimed to get rid of all these issuses, which is pretty difficult obviously. So I have edited released hacks once more to follow up the existing balancing and improve it. Unfortunately this was not always possible because some of the edits leaded into a broken game afterwards (I am not THAT much versed in hacking at all).
However those tries were basically edits in Pokémon stats, movesets, typing and attack data (damage, effect etc.).
Maybe the first big goal should be to make at least every fully evolved 'mon useful (as well as the ones without evolutions of course).

Since my aim was always a big pool to chose from for entering the Battle Frontier I did not put that much effort in changing the main game except for 'mon levels and (important) trainer's party members.
This is why I would tend to let the player choose his playstyle from the beginning of the game instead of forcing him into Nuzlocke and NoGrind. This can also be done by releasing any hack in two versions.
Now about your other list:

1. Your new system looks way to complicated. I guess the phys/special split did and will do a great job for all hacks in general.
How many and which 'mons did receive a stat adjustment because of the attack system? Or are you talking about other hacks which did so?
There may be several strategies which would drop out (e.g. Elemental Punch Alakazam) but on the other hand there are new ones created instead (e.g. worth-it Elemental Punch Hitmonchan). Additionally it would be harder for single-type-weaknesses to be prevented by raising one single stat (Gastrodon with Amnesia and Rest?) and make single-weighted defenses more useful (Cloyster can withstand Thunderpunch and Seed Bomb).
2.. Implement yes, but just negate any type bonuses and make the damage a flat percentage, just like Spikes. Just this would make several 'mons more useful than now, just see all the flying bugs and Charizard. Everyone likes Charizard! ;)
3. Every strategy needs a counter so yes.
4. I am also not a big fan of those fairies, this is why I always played hacks without the Fairy type until now. There are other ways to alter the balancing in types. For example I once made Poison effective against Water to weaken the omnipresent Water on the one hand and strenghten the exotic Posion moves (except for Toxic) on the other. Same here: made the rare Steel effective against the almighty Dragon type (ye good ol' Middle Ages).
5. You think exactly as I do. Mega Evolutions are the number one reason I don't play the new games. The desings are like most of the gen5+ 'mons - simply awful, with a few exceptions though. The usefulness for some older boosted 'mons could have made simply with a stat adjustment and even this was not necessary for most of the concerned ones, it mostly created more entries for the overused/uber tier (seriously, what is the point of Mega-Metagross and Mega-Salamence?!).
Creations like the new Sableye on the other hand are a nice idea but could also be done with an item trade to make it constant as there would be no disadvantage. And the typing of Mega-Sceptile can also be altered in the standard 'mon.

What I personally miss in your list is the overuse of the item Leftovers. There are so many possible items to give but Levtover is almost always better. What could we do to make it neither overused/OP nor underused/UP? Weaken this item or strenghten everything else?


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Now that I'm done with the finals, let's get to work.

1. Seems everyone likes the Phys/Spec. split. I'll add it, and address the Pokemon who lost type coverage due to the loss of special elemental punches, leaf blade, crunch, and blaze kick or physical sludge bomb, shadow ball, and hidden power. At the very least, Secret Power needs to be the physical counterpart to hidden power (without any secondary effects). Similarly, Doom Desire probably should be a physical attack (and be useable on more than just Jirachi).

2. I feel like entry hazards need a slight rework.

Spikes (fine the way they are, Flying/Levitate immune)
Toxic Spikes (too weak as is, make it so only Poison/Steel immune on switch-in but poison types do not absorb the entry hazard; to reflect this, rename it as Miasma and re-configure who learns it)
Stealth Rock (too strong as is, make it so only Rock/Ghost immune to the switch-in effect. The effect is as follows:
One use of SR reduces the target's lower defensive stat by 1 stage upon switch-in.
Two uses of SR reduces the target's higher and lower defensive stats by 1 stage upon switch-in.)
Spider Web (too limited as is, make it so only Fire/Bug immune to the switch-in effect. The effect is as follows:
One use of SW reduces the target's SPD by 1 stage upon switch-in.
Two uses of SW reduces the target's SPD and the target's higher offensive stat by 1 stage upon switch-in.
Three uses of SW reduces the target's SPD and the target's higher and lower offensive stats by 1 stage upon switch-in.)

The point of this design is to encourage more type diversity when dealing with entry hazards, to make all the entry hazards do different things, and to ensure (with the change to Toxic Spike availability) that no Pokemon can learn more than 2 types of entry hazards.

3. I've decided the best way to create "pseudo-fairy" type is to just outright change the Normal type. Normal types now:

Nullify: GHO/DRG
Weak to: PSN/STL

Every fairy type that was not normal type pre-Gen VI now gains normal typing. Even if lore-wise this doesn't quite "make sense", in the interests of balance, I feel this is the best approach.

4. Stat changes will be made. In particular, any Pokemon that normally mega-evolves but has a BST less than 480 will simply have the stats of its mega-evolution instead. Other changes have not yet been decided yet, but it's very likely Pokemon who have unique battle gimmicks (castform, kecleon, smeargle, ditto, marowak, shuckle, raichu, wobbuffett, slaking) will be made viable (if they aren't already) while those who merely have unique moves or no/awful gimmicks (spinda, chatot, unown, regigigas, farfetch'd, plusle/minun etc.) will face deletion. (I included Raichu because Light Ball now doubles Pikachu's and Raichu's SATK, essentially becoming the special attacking version of Marowak. Marowak will receive stat buffs to have the same BST as Raichu.)
All fully-evolved Pokemon will have a BST of 535 +/- 20 unless the Pokemon was already viable. All starters will have exactly 535 BST. The goal is for every non-legendary, fully-evolved to be UU or OU in terms of power level.

5. I intend to expand the ROM only as a last resort, but we are adding Gen IV+ mon with preference given to evolutions of Gen I-III mon, so we must eliminate all dupe-mon. First, we will simplify evolution:

Magikarp + Water Stone = Milotic
(1 slot freed: Feebas deleted.)

Kakuna + Female + L10 = Vespiquen
Kakuna + Male + L10 = Beedrill
Weedle now has a gender ratio of 7/1 M/F. (This uses up 1 free slot.)

Nidoran + L16 = Nidorin@
Nidorin@ + Moon Stone = Nidoboss
All members of this family have 1/1 M/F. Males merely have different sprites from females. (This frees up 3 slots.)

Metapod + Day + L10 = Butterfree
Metapod + Night + L10 = Venomoth
(This frees up 6 slots: Venonat, Wurmple, Dustox, Cascoon, Silcoon, Beautifly.)

Volbeat and Illumise are now one species with 1/1 M/F. Males merely have different sprites from females. (This frees up 1 slot.)

Shellder + Water Stone = Cloyster
Shellder + DeepSeaScale + Trade = Gorebyss
Shellder + DeepSeaFang + Trade = Huntail
(1 slot freed: Clamperl deleted.)

Diglett + Level Up + Another Diglett in Party = Dugtrio
Koffing + Level Up + Another Koffing in Party = Weezing
Magnemite + Level Up + Another Magnemite in Party = Magneton
Nosepass + Level Up + Another Nosepass in Party = Probopass (uses up one slot)
Magneton + Thunderstone = Magnezone (uses up one slot)
Eevee + Leaf Stone = Leafeon (uses up one slot)
Togetic + Sun Stone = Togekiss (uses up one slot)
Roselia + Sun Stone = Roserade (uses up one slot)
Misdreavus + Moon Stone = Mismagius (uses up one slot)
Murkrow + Moon Stone = Honchkrow (uses up one slot)
Eevee + Dawn Stone (Gen IV item to be coded, still evolves Kirlia and Snorunt normally) = Glaceon (uses up one slot)
Slowpoke + Level Up + Shellder in Party = Slowbro
Slowpoke + Level Up + Holding King's Rock = Slowking
Onix + Level Up + Holding Metal Coat = Steelix

6. Next, we will consolidate Pokemon and movesets. The ideal is to have 1-2 Pokemon of each type combination occupying a certain role. Redundant Pokemon will be merged together by combining their best stats and movesets and abilities.

The only Gen IV+ evolution of a Gen I-III Pokemon not being added is Sylveon because Fairy-type is Normal type. To save space, Eevee will be given Sylveon's stats and movepool combined with its own.

Magikarp + Water Stone = Milotic (Feebas deleted) with Marvel Scale or Contrary (all negative stat changes have the opposite effect).

Kakuna + Female + L10 = Vespiquen (70/80/119/80/119/40)
Kakuna + Male + L10 = Beedrill (65/150/40/28/80/145) with Inner Power (when HP is at most 1/3 of maxHP, the STAB multiplier is 3x) or Adaptability.
Weedle now has gender ratio of 7/1 M/F. (This uses up an existing free slot.)

Nidoran now has 50/50 M/F ratio. It evolve into Nidorin@ (yes, that is the temporary name until someone can think of a better unisex name) at L16, which also has a 50/50 M/F ratio. Nidorin@ + Female + Moon Stone = Nidoqueen; Nidorin@ + Male + Moon Stone = Nidoking. (this frees up two slots)

Metapod + Day + L10 = Butterfree (with stats of 80/70/50/139/80/89 and the combined movepools of Butterfree, Beautifly, and Vivillon) with Sharp Eyes (After the calculation of user accuracy and target evasion, add 30% to final accuracy. Butterfree's accuracy stages cannot be reduced. If the resulting accuracy > 100%, Butterfree gains +1 Critical Hit Stage.) or Tinted Lens (attacks that are "not very effective" all deal 1x damage).
Metapod + Night + L10 = Venomoth (with stats of 70/94/70/94/90/90 and the combined movepools of Venomoth, Dustox, and Mothim) with Shield Dust (Enemy damaging attacks have no secondary effects. Enemy non-damaging attacks have halved accuracy) or Tinted Lens.
This combined operation frees up 5 slots (Venonat, Wurmple, Silcoon, Cascoon, Beautifly, Dustox).

Volbeat and Illumise are now one Pokemon species (which now has a new unisex name) with two vastly different sprites for the two genders with stats (85/85/85/85/85/85) and have the combined movepool of both species. This frees up 1 slot.

The only gendered-mons I'm not fusing are Tauros and Miltank as their movesets are too divergent. It would make no sense for a wild bull to use Milk Drink.

Shellder now has (35/65/100/75/55/40) stats. Cloyster now has (50/95/180/85/55/70) stats. Gorebyss now has (55/84/130/139/75/52) stats. Huntail now has (55/129/130/94/75/52) stats. Shellder + DeepSeaFang + Trade = Huntail. Shellder + DeepSeaScale + Trade = Gorebyss. The items DeepSeaFang and DeepSeaScale now double Shellder's rather than Clamperl's stats and double ATK (DeepSeaFang) or SATK (DeepSeaScale). This frees up Clamperl's slot.

Frosslass now has (70/100/70/100/70/110) stats. Glailie now has (110/70/100/70/100/70) stats. This uses up a slot.

Medicham now has (60/100/75/100/75/100) rather than the usual Mega-Evolution stats. Azumarill now has (100/100/80/100/80/50) as his stats. The reason is that Huge Power doubles ATK and Pure Power now doubles SATK. Huge Power is the ability on Azumarill, Mawile, and Medicham. However, Medicham and Azumarill also have Pure Power as another option for ability.

Dragonite and his entire family now have their ATK and SATK stats swapped (meaning Dragonite is now mainly a Special Sweeper), matching both his large move-pool and how he is normally portrayed in the anime with abilities Steadfast (if any attack would proc crit, flinch, or reduction in DEF/SDEF, that attack is negated and Dragonite gains +1 stage in Speed instead) or Multiscale (as long as Dragonite's HP is above half, Dragonite's incoming damage is halved). Flygon now has (80/110/80/110/80/110), a fast mixed sweeper. Altaria now has (90/90/110/90/110/80) with DRG/NRM typing, being the tank dragon best suited for fighting other dragons with Natural Cure (i.e. switching Out cures 1/3 of maxHP and all status conditions) or Cloud Nine.

Raichu now has (67/98/70/95/90/110) stats. On top of Counter, Teeter Dance, Refresh, Fly, and Surf, Pikachu and Pichu now have the combined movesets of itself, Plusle, Minun, Emolga, Pachirisu, and Togedemaru. To keep up, Marowak now has (80/95/110/50/110/85) stats. This combined operation clears up three slots (Plusle/Minun/Spinda).

Sandslash now has (85/105/120/25/70/115) stats and can use every move used by its normal form, its Alolan form, and Floatzel except Floatzel's WTR-type moves or Baton Pass. He will use his Alolan Form's Sprite with abilities Weather Veil (i.e. Sand Veil + Snow Cloak + Gen. V Overcoat) or Weather Rush (i.e. if the user is RCK/GRD/STL in sandstorm, GRS/FIR in harsh sun, ELE/WTR in harsh rain, or ICE in hail, the user gains double speed). To keep up, Golduck now has (80/95/80/95/80/90) stats and fitting with his new typing, can use every move Floatzel can use except Crunch and Ice Fang, but has Psycho Cut, Psycho Boost, and all 3 Elemental Punches instead.

Crawdaunt now has (97/132/115/50/67/75) stats. He also has the combined movesets of itself, Kingler, and Crabominable, except that Crawdaunt cannot use any move that has the word "Punch" in its name or the move Ice Hammer (because I am refuse to code that). His abilites are Adaptability and Mold Breaker (with Gen V bugfixes, ofc). To keep up, Cacturne now has (75/115/67/115/67/97) stats. He also has the combined movesets of itself and Maractus. This combined operation clears up two slots (Krabby/Kingler).

Muk now has (105/105/83/67/100/75) stats and to better fit his new Dark typing, has the combined movepools of his normal form, his Alolan form, Garbodor, and Swalot. To compensate, Weezing now has (65/90/120/110/90/60) stats. This change clears up two slots (Gulpin/Swalot).

Ninetales now has (75/76/75/120/100/109) stats and to better fit his new GHO typing, has the combined movepools of his normal form and Delphox with the exception of Mystical Fire and Punch moves and Alolan Marowak's Special movepool. On top of this, Ninetales also knows Mist Ball, Curse, Spite, and Sacred Fire. Ninetales has ability Flash Fire (Ninetales draws in all Fire attacks, which Ninetales is immune to. If this ability activates, Ninetales gets +1 stage to his stronger attacking stat.) or Drought.

Luvdisc + L40 = Alomomola, which has (165/75/80/43/70/107) stats and Natural Cure or Weather Rush. This uses up a slot.

Slowbro now has (116/75/110/107/95/32) stats and now has Synchronize (i.e. Synchronize + Cursed Body except proc chance is 50% and the disable lasts 4-7 turns) or Natural Cure. Slowking's stats and abilities are the exact same except DEF and SDEF are switched.

Hypno now has (85/73/70/90/115/80) stats and has the combined movepools of himself, Musharna, and Grumpig with the exception of Bounce. To compensate for the loss of elemental punches, Hypno gains all three elemental bolt-beams (TBolt, Flamethrower, Ice Beam). Hypno's abilities are Mania (Immune to Sleep, Encore, Confuse, Attract, Taunt, Torment; cannot use Rest) and Thick Fat (Immune to Freeze and Burn as well as halving incoming fire and ice damage). This change clears up two slots (Spoink/Grumpig).

Dusknoir now has (75/100/135/65/135/45) stats with Pressure or Levitate. Uses up a slot. Banette now has (74/135/85/93/83/85) rather than the usual Mega-Evolution stats with Mania or Synchronize. Claydol now has (60/70/120/70/120/75) stats.

Wailord now has (170/110/60/110/60/60) stats and has abilities Pressure or Filter.

Dewgong now has (110/80/90/95/95/75) stats and has the combined movepools of himself, Walrein, and Seaking with the exception of Crunch. To compensate, Dewgong now gains Dark Pulse. To keep up, Aggron now has (70/110/180/70/60/50) stats. Dewgong's abilites are Thick Fat and Weather Heal (if Water type in rain, Ice type in hail, Ground type in Sandstorm, or Grass type in Strong Sun, heal 1/16th of maxHP per turn and remove all non-volatile status effects; as long as the weather remains active, the user is immune to non-volatile status.) This frees up five slots (Goldeen/Seaking/Spheal/Sealeo/Walrein).

Masquerain now has (80/92/76/100/86/91) stats and has the combined movepools of himself, Lumineon, and Pelipper with the exception of attacks with the word "Wing" or the attacks Fly, Seed Bomb, Stockpile, Spit Up, Swallow. His abilities are Weather Rush and Intimidate (now changed to lower the target's highest attacking stat upon entry).

Lapras now has Water Absorb and Weather Heal.

Sharpedo now has (70/140/70/110/65/105) stats and has the combined movepools of himself and Basculin. His abilites are Rough Skin (Gen IV+ version) and Speed Boost.

Mantine now has (85/50/100/95/140/70) stats and has the combined movepools of himself and Pelipper with the exception of Fly. His abilites are Lighting Rod (Mantine draws in all Electric attacks, which Mantine is immune to. If this ability activates, Mantine gets a +1 stage in speed) or Drizzle. To keep up, Skarmory now has (80/80/140/40/100/100) stats and Lanturn has (125/76/83/90/83/83) stats with Volt Absorb or Water Absorb. This frees up two slots (Wingull/Pelipper).

Camerupt now has (70/115/140/115/105/15) and has the combined movepools of himself, Magcargo, and Torkoal. His abilities are Storm Drain (Camerupt draws in all Water attacks, which Camerupt is immune to. If this ability activates, Camerupt gets a +1 stage in his higher attack stat) or Drought. This frees up three slots (Slugma, Magcargo, Torkoal).

Gastrodon now has (111/85/85/95/85/39) stats and has the combined movepools of himself and Quagsire. His abilities are Sticky Hold (i.e. Sticky Hold + Suction Cups + Pickpocket + Magician but only if Gastrodon uses a contact move) or Sap Sipper (Gastrodon draws in all Grass attacks, which Gastrodon is immune to. If this ability activates, Gastrodon gets a +1 stage in his higher attack stat). This is slot-neutral as (Wooper, Quagsire) is replaced by (Shellos, Gastrodon).

Whiscash now has (110/78/84/81/99/60) stats and has the combined movepools of himself and Stunfisk. His abilities are Water Absorb or Unaware.

Dunsparce now has (109/115/84/115/84/53) stats and fitting with his new ELE type, has the combined movepools of himself and Eelektross. His abilities are Levitate or Serene Grace.

Galvantula now has (70/97/70/97/70/108) stats and has the combined movepools of himself and Ariados. This is slot-neutral as (Spinarak, Ariados) is replaced by (Joltik, Galvantula).

This post is a WIP. I'll post more later as I think of it.
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