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Pokemon Crystal Sequel

Would this be a game you'd like to see reality and play if I managed to pull this off?

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I've done ROM hacks before, however, due to lack of expertise in the subject, lack of time, and lack of a proper release with new(-ish) material of anything I ever done. Tbh, I've been afraid to even try at times thinking I'd never succeed. Hopefully, I can change that with a little story.

Name: Pokemon Crystal Dreams (However...as of now it may change because of the possibilities to be greater than my failed attempts at anything in my life)
Hack of: Pokemon Crystal/Polished Crystal (Rangi was my inspiration to even begin with, so this wouldn't exist without knowing her)

17-18 Years have passed since Gold/Kris traveled and went on their Pokemon journey across Johto and Kanto. A lot has changed. Some familiar faces even we once knew have moved on, some have even passed away such as Koga, Blaine, and Pryce. However, in the year 2018-20??. In a town west to Olivine City. Begins a new path towards the Pokemon League. You happen to be the son/daughter of Jasmine who is now part of the Elite Four, while your father Volkner is the first ever Gym Leader you face that has taken his wife's place. Your rival happens to be your brother/sister (the opposite of yourself). While you travel on your journey to obtain all 8 badges of Johto once again. You'll also have to fight the return of Team Rocket under the older wisdom of the diabolical Arianna after losing to Gold/Kris under Archer's command, then unravel the mysteries of the elusive time travel pokemon, Celebi, and her plea to you to help end a series of misfortunate events that could lead all of Johto to ruin....and perhaps endless nightmare and chaos across Johto and Kanto!

17 years since the release of Pokemon Crystal, probably 17-?? when I get a first release

New Features:
-If things goes well and Polished Crystal is used as a base, most content you witnessed from Polished Crystal will probably in this game (and Rangi deserves the credit and not me)
-You'll start out with a Kanto starter of your choice this time around given to you by Prof. Oak. while being able to recieve a Johto starter of your choice from Prof. Elm early to mid-game.
-There will be a few of new Gym Leaders, Jasmine and one other Sinnoh surprise is a Elite Four now. Everyone will be rematchable for stronger teams later as well.
-There will be 251 Pokemon as normal, but some will be removed to have pokemon from all 7 gens and even Alolan-Pokemon. The story itself ties in with a new legend. Each pokemon will have revised movesets, Some will even have stat and type buffs/debuffs. Elite Four Will even has a new toy up his sleeve.
-Fairy-type will exist as of Gen 6 & Fairy-type moves will have new animations.
-Some moves will be removed and replaced with newer ones from Gen 3 onwards. (Although some current animations of Crystal will be used until later on unless specified)
-New characters, devamped/revamped sprites of both Trainers and Pokemon. Recolored sprites. Familar faces outside of Gen 2 as well. There's also a personal Rival and Gym Leader outside of the Pokeverse I hope to add to this game, can you guess which characters of Gurren Lagann and Fairy Tail are my favorites?
-New locations, New events, Brand New Johto story, Lots of post-game content of Kanto and a Ultra Beast hunt across the Kanto region (replacing the old legends of Kanto that were captured in Polished Crystal)
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This hack sounds good. I was looking to do something similar in that I wanted to make a Pokemon Crystal hack with Gen 3 - 7 Pokemon. I like the story, too; it's solid. I could TRY to help you with this. I've used Polished Map before, although I'm far from experienced with it.
As far as this hack idea goes, its still in progress and I have been working on it little by little. Just not a lot of time everyday to work stuff in between this hack and also my irl duties. I've also have gotten a small end job recently, so its been a little busy because of that as well.

I do also have new ideas and such for the story and gameplay, but so far, they're just locked inside my head atm and the key has been set aside til further notice