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Gen III - FireRed Pokemon Dark Monolith

Project Status
Hello members of the newly founded Silph co.!
I am exited to announce outside of discord my brand new project, Pokemon Dark Monolith.
This hack takes place in the... (i haven't figured out a region name yet) region.
The region is composed of 3 islands.
the northern island is icy and cold, home to team glacier.
the middle island is man made, and suffers major storms due to the clashing fronts from the northern and Sothern island.
The Sothern island contains a volcano, semi dormant and weak. home to team Crimson.
~10 years predating the game, the two governments of the once separate regions combined into one region. in celebration of the alliance, they constructed the middle island of the archipelago. Those opposing the alliance formed team Glacier and team Crimson. these teams oppose each other despite having the same end goal.
You start in Rujin town, a small town at the southern island of the region.
Prof.Hawthorn, a underrated Pokemon Professor, gives you your first Pokemon. he gives you the choice of 10 different Pokemon; the starters from Kanto, Johto, Hoen, and Pikachu.
...and more to be revealed...
====Screenshots (prealpha)====

  • Running Indoors
  • mega evolution (sort of)
  • fakemon (~20)*
  • gen 4*
  • and more...
coming soon
baserom: Pokemon Fire Red (U)(Squirrels).gba

a prealpha "teaser" demo is planned for 4/2/2018. **


====Fine text====
**what i mean by "teaser" is it is similar in likeness to a teaser trailer, really short.
*these are features i want to be in game, but due to recent issues in doing this in other
(abandoned) hacks i am not 100% sure if they will make it into the final game. for gen 4,
i am unsure if i will be able to insert them into the wild. gen 4 starters are not an option
for your starter, i know. i wish they were too. npc limit = 16.
this page will be frequently updated.