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Gen III - FireRed Pokémon Darkness Falls

Should all 802 (possibly 807 later) Pokemon be available to catch?

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Hi! I’m Petuuuhhh. I am the leader of Team Salamence. Check this post to see what Team Salamence is: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=399515

Anyway, we’re making a hack of Pokémon FireRed called Pokémon Darkness Falls. It is set in the Oneira Region. The player will start in Unasia Town, a farm town. The player will journey across Oneira for the eight gym badges. However, a great evil lurks. Darkrai’s nightmare-inducing power is being exploited by Team Zamrat. The region is being terrorized by nightmares used as leverage for Team Zamrat. Can the player stop Team Zamrat from unlocking Darkrai’s second and third, most powerful, form? If not, all of Oneira will be cast into Darkness, and life for humans and most Pokémon will cease to exist.

This hack will feature a great deal of improvements to FireRed, such as a Physical / Special split, Gen 4 exp. system, etc. I will also be changing stats, types, abilities, movesets, etc. in an option “non-faithful” patch. This hack will feature all 807 Pokémon, plus Alolans, Megas, new Megas, Oneiran forms, and Shadow Pokémon. I am looking for a way to implement an EV-IV screen mapped to a button, in-game cheats, a debug menu, a snag ball mechanic, a music player, a Shadow Pokémon purification chamber, a Defog HM, and a Nuzlocke option.

We have a pre-demo out with all the necessary information on the progress of the game contained therein. If you are interested, I strongly suggest playing it to see how far we have progressed with the game.

My Hacking Skills: Proficient with Gen 3 tools that edit basic things such as stats, types, and mapping. Also can use HxD to change bytes that have been documented.

Petuuuhhh: Team Leader | Storyteller | General Ideas | Basic Mapping | Musician | Basic Scripting
Astico: Morale Booster | Beta Tester | Storyteller | General Ideas
LadyLucina: Lead Spriter
Doreto: Lead Storyteller | Beta Tester | Mapper
ElPoroLoco: Concept Artist | Spriter
ChrisTrinity: Beta Tester | Story Helper
Hackode007: Beta Tester
IceGummi: Mapper
Pignite654: Mapper | Spriter
Sojose: Storyteller | Beta Tester
Turjo: Beta Tester
maddddddd: Storyteller
RowdyHD: Logo
UltraPokeTeen: Mapper
Fairy: Spriter | Graphic Designer
Symo: Mapper
BryceBAM: Mapper
Dark Destroyer: Beta Tester
kerberos: Beta Tester
Lightblitz7: Composer
Venia Silente: Storyteller
Pignite654: Spriter | Mapper
MrRod: Spriter | Storyteller
Bumpadunc: Scripter | Mapper

Darkrai is being controlled by the evil Team Zamrat to become its true, terrible form Darkrai-Primal, a form as strong as Arceus, which is what it was before it became good. Darkrai-Shadow is its in-between phase, a phase as strong as Kyurem. Darkrai is giving the region of Oneira nightmares. Cresselia knows of the ancient story of how Darkrai’s Primal transformation energy was sealed into a stone. It informs the player of this, and warns the player that it must not let Darkrai transform into its primal state. Zygarde only knows that Darkrai is gathering a tremendous amount of energy, and picks up its scent near the beginning of the story when Darkrai is seen in an Onerian town. I haven’t come up with a reason why it is in the Onerian town. It may be carrying out a mission of Team Zamrat.

Zygarde and Cresselia help the protagonist along the journey. Cresselia joins the protagonist and opens up portals to and from the Shadow World, the land where Darkrai grows in power by absorbing energy from the dreams of Pokemon and people. At one point, Cresselia will open a portal for the player and Zygarde to go through in order to battle the seven original Ultra Beasts and Necrozma. Zygarde will be after Darkrai throughout the story.

Necrozma and the Ultra Beasts are trying to harvest enough Dark Energy to enable Darkrai to transform; at least that’s what the protagonist thinks. The protagonist’s rival is the son of the leader of Team Zamrat. He will be evil but will eventually become good after learning the extent of Darkrai-Primal’s power. Salamence Apocalypse form, the dark dragon of the Apocalypse, is the secondary antagonist, and serves as the right hand of Team Zamrat. Team Zamrat is a cult that worships Salamence-Apocalypse. Yveltal is on Team Zamrat’s side, wanting to bring about the Apocalyse so that it can harvest the life energy of all affected by it. Xerneas is unaware of the rising threat. Arceus does not interfere because it knows of the prophecy of the protagonist, and its outcome. This is implied.

Necrozma tricks the player into defeating the Ultra Beasts, who are actually the key to unlocking Darkrai’s true form. They are the seven guardians of the passage to Giratina-Origin, the guardian of the Darkstone, the stone that transforms Darkrai-Shadow into its ultimate form. Dialga and Palkia do not interfere because they know the outcome as well. This is also implied. Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem are not aware of the rising evil. Necrozma is the evil trickster, tricking the protagonist jnto battling it because they think it has stolen the Darkstone, when in reality it is just a stone given dark properties by Necrozma’s magic, while Darkrai-Shadow acquires it and transforms into its Primal form.

In the end, the protagonist battles Darkrai-Primal as soon as it is awoken. The protagonist wins the battle, stopping Darkrai from taking over the world.

Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza do not interfere because they do not care.

Current status: Pre-demo

Pokémon Darkness Falls v. 0.12 UPS Patch is now available!

Patch to a Pokémon Fire Red ROM with NUPS.


1 cutscene (unfinished)
38 trainers
No sethealingplace! Save often because this means that you won't be able to restart at a PokéCenter.
Two towns and five routes

Mr. Dollsteak for the Decap and Attack ROMbase
Skaraborne for the DS-style 64x64 Pokemon Sprite Patch
Touched and mbcn10ww for the Mega Evolution Patch and help with it, respectively
Pokecommunity and Escape Rope’s ROM hacking and writing channels on Discord
HackMew’s XSE
Gamer2020’s PGE
Anthroyd’s ROM hacking videos
thekaratekid552’s G3HS and Flags, Vars, and Script Tiles tutorial
Diegoisawesome’s MEGA-HUGE XSE Scripting tutorial
Kurapika’s G3T
Aspiring PokeTrainer’s ROM hacking videos
ROM hackers like PokemonAce123, Harlee Quinn, Kalarie, DarkPsychic, thebrawler56, and Vytron

Thanks, and have a great day.

Finished Percentage: 0.25%


Pokémon Darkness Falls Copy 10 - Copy (2) - Copy.png

Starting town and player home
Pokémon Darkness Falls Copy 10 - Copy (2) - Copy_5.png

Gen 7 Pokemon
Pokémon Darkness Falls Copy 10 - Copy (2) - Copy_7.png

Alolan forms
Pokémon Darkness Falls Copy 10 - Copy (2) - Copy_8.png

Weather changes depending on region
Pokémon Darkness Falls Copy 10 - Copy (2) - Copy_14.png

Route 11
Pokémon Darkness Falls Copy 10 - Copy (2) - Copy_15.png

38 trainer battles so far
Pokémon Darkness Falls Copy 10 - Copy (2) - Copy_22.png

Pokémon Darkness Falls Copy 10 - Copy (2) - Copy_24.png
Route 12

See this PokéCommunity post for the download link: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=401075

This project is officially discontinued.
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Current status: Pre-demo

Pokémon Darkness Falls v. 0.12 UPS Patch is now available!

Patch to a Pokémon Fire Red ROM with NUPS.