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Gen III - FireRed Pokémon Desert Version (Alpha 0.1.2 / First Gym + Rocket Intro)

Project Status
Alpha 0.1
Heyo, I used to hack like eight years ago under a different name. I was good friends with a few of the oldies in the community. Now I'm working on music full time and need something fun and challenging to do in my free time - so ROM Hack it was! The art was what got me into music, and it was what I spent pretty much all of my time doing back in middle school prior to pursuing music full time (I'm nearly 21 now...)

So anyways, here's a hack based on my home area (Southwest USA/Baja/Sonora)! I wanted to make a hack with a large city focus. So there will be FOUR large cities - Tucson (large sized), Phoenix (double large sized), San Diego/Tijuana (double large sized), and Los Angeles (triple large sized). The rest of the cities will be small and useful for only single events (for the most part). The majority of the action will take place in the cities - hence why you're going to be nearly level 20 before you even leave your starting town!

I might be willing to pay somebody for sprite work btw... I suck at it and really want to make a nice looking hack!

Up to first gym is complete! The first gym I (very) lazily scripted in about an hour. It'll be updated when I do Alpha 0.2 - which should be released up to the second gym (and so forth until Beta 1 with all gyms...)

There are around 40 trainer battles in the game, a few hidden items, a gift Pokémon, and the first gym is at the mid-point of the first city.

brendan.png cover21june.png gastly.png road ahead construction.png trapinch.png map.png whatisthat.png

1. Will have four cities in California (LA, San Diego, Palm Springs, Orange County) alongside suburbs.
2. Will have two cities in Mexico (Tijuana, Puerto Penasco)
3. Will have boatloads of cities in Arizona. Check the map and see if you can guess!
4. A few threads of story: Team Rocket, Gym Challenge, Cartels, California Secessionists
5. Other new things we'll add as we get past Alpha 0.1
6. 100% custom music. I'm a musician so there's no excuse for not having this lol

Please help me if you can find an answer to any of these...

If you end a wild battle near a cut cactus, it turns you into the fucked sprite instead of the cactus while you're having an out of body experience. I left a single grass patch by the cut cactus for anyone to try it out.
This annoying move glitch
Nicknaming Trapinch makes you nickname.... Gastly!?

Anthroyd - for helping me learn all the shit I never bothered to learn as a kid
Diegoisawesome - oh my god you're amazing
Lu-Ho - Obligatory
Hackmew - all your shit

I forget from where, but some of my tiles (the cacti) were totally images on Google that I indexed and recolored. No idea where I got them from since I wasn't paying attention.

Two special ones for the oldies in the community...
Linkandzelda (Liquid Crystal) - Being a great friend throughout the years, letting me disect Liquid Crystal as a complete noob, and hosting my websites for half a decade!
Mewthree9000 (Chaos Black) - For being a great friend throughout the years, introducing me to the more complicated aspects of hacking, and for his incredible creativity. I also probably still use some of your tools.

Alpha 0.1 (First Gym) | IPS Patch, 21 June 2018
Alpha 0.1.1 (First Gym) | IPS Patch, 21 June 2018
Alpha 0.1.2 (First Gym + Rocket Intro) | IPS Patch, 21 June 2018
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