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Pokemon Emerald Continued! (A Sequel to Pokemon Emerald!)

Pokemon Emerald Continued
By YoY-X

Rombase: Firered BPRE (Squirrels)
A few months after Pokemon Emerald, Brendan, the new Hoenn Champion, gets a letter from Proferssor Oak, asking him to go to Kanto and Johto! So he gets on a boat to Kanto with May and Wally, but an evil returns to take over the world. Explore the Indigo League and battle familar foes!

751 Catchable Pokemon with Megas!
2 Regions! (Maybe 3)
Way More Moves, Abilities and Items!
And Way More!!!


More spriters (I'm a spriter myself)
Mappers and Scripters
ASM dudes
And anybody useful
Message me on Discord if you want to help with the project!
.5% Complete​