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Pokemon Firered Remade, A New Adventure!

Pokemon Firered Remade
Working Title

What is Pokemon Firered Remade About?

So one day I was looking at a bunch of videos of demo gameplay of let's go Pikachu and i got an idea.
What if i made a version of firered that had 2 or maybe more regions, 807 Pokemon that still made sense to the region, New graphics that looked like let's go Pikachu, That had a bunch of new characters making the story in the Indigo League feel fresh and new.

What are the Features of Firered Remade?

807 Pokemon, that act exactly like they do in Sun and Moon.
More Balanced Trainer and Gym Teams, and More and Better Rival Battles.
More Wild Pokemon
More stones, Like Dusk, Dawn, Shiny, Ice, And The Link Cable.
And more!
Is there any Support Banners?

Yes, there is one available right now!
What are some goals that might be possible later on?

Here are some currently.
Pokemon Following behind you
New Custom Moves
Some stuff from LGPE when that releases.*
*(Let's go Pikachu and Eevee)

Is there a Discord Server?

Yep! If you want to help along, (Because we will need it) Go to the Discord Server down below.