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Gen III - Ruby pokemon good ruby [very wip]

Project Status
very good


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Hi, i'm working on a simple gen 3 hack using pokeruby

Immediate goals:
-Update movepools to modern standards. A few moves are getting excluded for being niche/annoying to implement (Quick Guard, etc.).
-Update abilities and ability effects
-Update TMs to be permanent, expand to modern 100 TM selection, redistribute
-Adjust enemy parties in accordance with the above
-Make all 200 mons in Hoenn dex obtainable in a single file

Future goals:
-Hidden abilities
-Add new areas (hidden grottos?)
-Add Kanto and Johto mons and evolutionary relatives in these new ares
-Add evolutionary relatives of mons; Gallade, Roserade, Magmortar, etc.
-cool fun stuff

My repo can be found here: https://github.com/Doesnty/pokeruby

If anyone is interested in using my animations or implementations, go ahead, just don't claim it's your own. Credit is nice too. Fair warning, I'm kind of a messy worker.

You can follow my work on implementing moves here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLInNHFGlvRQAqpoHuRF3JjSlFo_yvWP4F

Here's a few screenshots to prove I maybe know what I'm doing:



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Hey! I'm not sure if you saw my post in the Discord. Figured I'd copy-paste some feedback on your move animations here for you.
Move animations look great. My only suggestions would be a breathe in sort of animation before Boomburst. Like, scale the sprite a bit bigger (like the start of Swagger) and have it shrink back to size and shake side to side a bit as the sound wave comes out. Aqua Jet needs to have the attacker move, imo. Similar to how the attacker moves at the start of Quick Attack. I also think Belch should be a sound wave and not pretty much Sludge Bomb, maybe purple Uproar particles?
This is a cool project and, after playing your other hacks, I'm very excited to go through it. Good luck!

EDIT: Charge Beam looks sick.
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