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Gen III - FireRed Pokemon Legends Awakening

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Project Status
Hello Guys,

First of All I desperately need mappers and scripters while i accept all kind of work . Now about the hack

sprites - 12 of 15
scripts - 1 of 17
maps - 0 of 7

Prof Trench|mapper

Are you too tired with using same pokemon over and over in every hack and seeing legendaries in your box hinking if u cud ever play the game again with them........if yes this hack is for you

Welcome to this alternate universe where only legendary mythical and pseudo legendary pokemon exists!!

Tapu Koko , Tapu Fini , Tapu Bulu , Tapu Lele and a new legendart Tapu Pulu as the starters!
All legendary pokemon available except cosmog cosmoem type null and the lake guardians (dont worry lunala solgaleo and silvally are still there)
New Forms Of these selected pokemon
New evolution , pre evolution and permanent mega evolution
A new region
A new story
New characters
Select between 5 characters (maybe we need someone to asm hack dis so probably a few betas will feature only two)

Its the Village festival and everyone is enjoying at your home your friends your family all are happy suddenly a storm starts outside you come out to find the Tapus bieng chazed by Team Rocket !! (name can be changed) They already have Lugia and Ho oh the Tapus hid in the jungle behind your home . Team Rocket is coming to your home !!. Your parents send you and your friends in the jungle and Team Rocket catches your parents . You meet the Tapus in the jungle and flee to the nearest town .There you meet professor Oak(name and sprite will probably change) He takes you to the meeting of gym leaders and elite 4!! but they refuse to help !
Now you must beat the league down with you partner tapu and resque your parents

Mr Dollsteak|Rom base|sprite resource
Chaos Rush|sprite resource
Twime777 |Pre evolutions of legendary birds| https://twime777.deviantart.com
Smiley fakemon |Fakemon|https://smiley-fakemon.deviantart.com
All people in thedarkdragons thread( i am lazy ) |sprite resource
Gimbo Gp|therien forms of tapu bulu and tapu lele |https://gimbo-gp.deviantart.com/
UMSAuthorLava|regiwood and regifire|https://umsauthorlava.deviantart.com/
Blood-Aspo0123|Mega kyurem|https://blood-asp0123.deviantart.com/