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Gen III - Emerald Pokémon Orange GBA


Pokémon Orange
Hack of Fire Red Version 1.0 (BPRE)​


This hack is a GBA remake of Pia Carrot's Pokémon Orange The original goal was to make it a loyal remake by sticking to every element featured in the original, but that has changed since I decided to change some stuff regarding plot/character designs/region design/balancing. The main idea, however, stays the same, which is to make a quality Orange Islands hack.

You play as a kid who wants to become a Pokémon Master after hearing of a kid named Red, who defeated the Indigo League 6 months ago. You embark on a quest to take on the Orange Crew and deliver the cryptic GS Ball to the reputed Prof. Samson Oak, who is visiting the region soon. Play as Tyson/Doris, explore the island region, catch Pokémon and battle! Step into a world full of adventure, fun times, difficult times and unforgettable experiences!


  • The Orange Archipelago in Game Freak format
  • Orange Island Variants
  • 251 species Regional Dex
  • Custom music
  • Berry trees
  • Honey trees
  • Whirlpool and Dive
  • Working Pokédex and Region Map

  • Pia Carrot and the Orange team: For creating such an amazing hack and giving me permission for this project
  • Tainted, Shinny, Farore, ASDBUDDY, Kalarie, Delta231, Lux and Yooni: Testing and moral support
  • Squeetz: Saving the day so many times
  • Disturbed: Mapping tips (Tree shading!)
  • Kalarie: Town Map
  • Autie and AO Project: Music
  • Jambo51: Class Based Trainer Music
  • Wobb: Mapping/Tiles
  • HackMew: Miscellaneous tools
  • Lu-Ho: Advance Map 1.92
  • Esperance: HTE
  • Gamer2020: Unofficial XSE
  • Diegoisawesome: His XSE tutorial and research
  • Knizz: His research

Alpha 1.0: Goes up to the first gym

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