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Gen III - FireRed Pokemon Orange Islands

Project Status
Beta 2.1
Pokemon Orange Islands Artwork.png

Pokemon Orange Islands will be my first attempt to make a Pokemon Hack. Since there is no complete hack yet that features the Orange Archipelago, I decided to give it a go myself.

The 1st Generation of Pokemon gives me the most nostalgic feel and is still my favorite, closely followed by the 2nd Generation. I can handle the 3rd generation, but later generation Pokemon don’t really have my interest, although some functions in the ROMs might be interesting (Physical/Special Split for example).

You will play as Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town! Just after Ash conquered the Indigo League he got back to his mom in his hometown where Professor Oak also has a new objective for him. He wants Ash to go to Valencia Island to pick up a strange kind of Pokeball for him, since Professor Ivy is unable to send it to him through the PC system. Of course Ash is eager to take this easy objective. What happens after this is, of course, already known to you because we all saw the anime.
In this game Ash will roughly follow the same route as he did in the Anime. I hope to cover all episodes, but I’m not planning to make all events of the episodes necessarily very prominent. I might add some episodes as a big part of the storyline and some episodes more like miniquests.

- The Orange Archipelago
- 4 Gym Leaders & Badges
- New Sprites
- New Tiles
- New Maps
- Pikachu as starter and some way to get Ash's other pokemon early in the game
- All Pokemon from Generation I (and Tracey's Marill from Generation II)
- Physical/Special/Status Split
- Items to use Dive/Whirpool/Rock Smash/Rock Climb

Titlescreen.gif Professor Oak.png Town Map.png
Zeppelin.png Route 1.png Oak's Lab.gif
Pokemon Center.png Pokemon Mart.png Beach.png
Sand Battle.png Valencia Island Battle.png Lapras.png
Pinkan Island.png Underwater.png Navel Mountain.gif

- Title Screen graphical glitch
- Rocket Hideout Elevator not always correctly displaying floor

Pokemon Orange Islands: Beta 2.1

Pokemon Orange Islands: Discord Server

The current Beta version is finished up to Navel Island.

Acanthite Team: Tiles
Anthroyd: Rom Hacking Video Series
Daman: Professor Ivy Overworld Sprite
DoesntKnowHowToPlay: Physical/Special/Status Split
FBI: Various Tweaks
JPAN: Hacked Engine
Kensuyjin33: Sprites
Kyledove: Tiles
Navenatox: Dynamic Overworlds
Spherical Ice: Various Tweaks, Dive ASM Routine
Wesley FG: Tiles
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Hi all,

I just finished the game up to Navel Island/Grapefruit Islands (Roughly comparable to 4 gyms in a regular Pokemon Game) and decided to release it up to this point as Beta 2. I don't expect to have a lot of time to work on it in the coming months and I don't want to keep you guys waiting too long for something new!

Even if you find the tiniest bugs/glitches not mentioned in the BUGS section I would encourage you to react in this thread or send me a message.

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Huge respect ✊ for you Kalarie first game that gives you the impression like it have been made by a game freake team while its done by a passionate developer although I got to say that the beta 1 looks gorgeous I'd love if the beta 1 construction 🔨 stayed beside continuing the walkthrough of the game till the end [subjectif point of you] for all thank you so much 😊 big up for you !
Kalarie I may have a confusion about the story line of the game in the original série or as you may find if you search of gym leaders of orange islands ,they are 5 while in the game there is only 4 badges another thing I've just finished the beta 2 game (2 weeks ago to be specific) I just can't wait to continue the walktrough of the game ,any hints any upcoming update for the story in the 2 upcoming months?

There are 4 gym leaders (And Badges) in the Orange Archipelago, and one champion (Which will be Drake). It will take some time before I will be able to make a lot of progress on Orange Islands, since I'll be busy studying in the near future...
Kalarie, you are an true Pokemon hero haha!

I've played quite some hacked pokemon roms, but this one with Ash is my fav so far!!!💛 Keep up the job bro! I totally agree w/ you about the 1st gen feeling. Man cant wait for some updates. 💡Smell ya later! 🕶
I think I found a potential bug in the game...

I had team of 6 earlier before receiving Lapras, and got in on the second time. Also I have alredy talked with Misty and Tracey but still I am stuck right there.

EDIT: Almost forgot to tell that the game looks awesome.
But yeah I would love to see two more things Nature coloured stats and Displaying IV's.


@Froosty You should also read what they say, that might help you progress.

Thanks for the compliment;) I will mainly keep all Generation III features (except for PSS Split), so no nature coloured stats or displaying IV's unfortunately...