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Gen III - FireRed Pokemon Orange Islands

Project Status
Beta 4.2
Hey kalarie great hack but a big issue I'm stuck at whirlpools at route f I'm trying to get to fair child island I have 3 badges please help
This game is great. I’m currently stuck on Kumquat Island. The elevator to use to battle Luana won’t move. The receptionist is telling me she’s waiting in the battle arena. I’m not sure why I can’t get the elevator to work.
@yankstendo I think I have an idea what the problem might be.

For you, a solution would be to fly to Mandarin Island North and enter the Rocket Hideout. After that fly back to Kumquat Island and try to use the elevator again.

Just for my information, did you whiteout in the Rocket Hideout and did not re-enter it at some point (Or somehow whiteout in Trovitopolis Dept. Store)?
I'll say this only once, just to make it clear. Asking for a release, or being a spoiled kid, doesn't make progress faster. So stop asking for release dates or a new version, that won't help anyone. Bearing in mind that it has been only three months since I released the latest version, I think it's even disrespectful to demand a new version (Independently of never having the right to demand someone to hurry up with something they're doing for free).

It's done when it's done, I don't know when that will be and that's fine. The only thing I can say is that I'm working on it;)
I am stuck in pummelo island . There are 3 men standing there telling that the version has ended.
When will the next version be released?