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Gen III - FireRed Pokemon Orange Islands

Project Status
Beta 4.2


Will there be any new updates?And if yes,how can i update game?
Both OP and staff have made it clear that the project is still being worked on noted here:
I'll say this only once, just to make it clear. Asking for a release, or being a spoiled kid, doesn't make progress faster. So stop asking for release dates or a new version, that won't help anyone. Bearing in mind that it has been only three months since I released the latest version, I think it's even disrespectful to demand a new version (Independently of never having the right to demand someone to hurry up with something they're doing for free).

It's done when it's done, I don't know when that will be and that's fine. The only thing I can say is that I'm working on it;)
And here:

I can't believe the amount of posts we've had to delete for spam in this thread alone. If anyone needs a refresher on the rules they are here: https://forum.silphco.io/threads/please-read-posting-guidelines-for-rom-hacks.29/

OP has requested no release date requests (which are against the forum rules anyway), so stop. Warnings will be given if this continues.
As for your other question use Lunar IPS to patch the IPS file to clean fire red ROM
Hello Kalarie,
I enjoyed playing your great hack. Keep the quality high and don't rush it, these impatient kids will learn to wait.

The first post says things like: "All Pokemon from Generation I" or "I want to make the Pokedex fully completable"
So I tried it and I'm at Seen: 141 Owned: 139

Missing pokémon:

#031 Nidoqueen(seen), #036 Clefable, #040 Wigglytuff(seen)
Is there a way to find/buy moonstones or any other way to evolve Nidorina, Nidorino, Clefairy and Jigglypuff?

#122 Mr. Mime, #147 Dratini #148, Dragonair #149, Dragonite
Are they catchable/tradable in the current Beta?

#144 Articuno, #145 Zapdos, #146 Moltres #150 Mewtwo, #151 Mew

The legendaries are probably post-story. So I don't need to ask.


Active member
Hi JoKu,

Thanks! Glad you liked it! You're right about the legendaries, they're not catachable in the current Beta. Mr. Mime can be caught in the grass on Cleopatra Island and Dratini can be caught in the 'oasis' in Mandarin Desert. Nidorina, Nidorino, Clefairy and Jigglypuff evolve in the same way as Fire Red, so by using a Moon Stone on them. I remember putting a few Moon Stones in as hidden items, two on Pinkan Island and one on Route J in the current Beta. Besides that, Clefairy has a small chance of carrying one in the wild.

Hope this helps;)
I found the moonstones and caught the missing 2 pokemon. So its time to level up that Dratini from 20 to 55.

Thanks for the quick response.