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Gen III - FireRed Pokemon Orange Islands

Project Status
Beta 5.5


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Glad you like it;) Concerning your problem, I honestly have no idea.

My advise would be to not play on any website, but to download the patch file from one of the two official sources (This thread or the thread on Pokecommunity) and patch that onto a clean Fire Red 1.0 (Squirrels) ROM. Subsequently load your ROM in any GBA emulator to play the game. Any emulator probably has a better performance than playing online and by using the official sources you'll be sure to play the latest version.

I personally use VBA-M on PC and MyBoy on Android, but I guess any emulator that is able to run Fire Red is also able to run Orange Islands.
Kalarie, just wanted to say thank you on creating such an amazing game. It was honestly the most enjoyable Pokemon ROM I've ever played.

Unfortunately for me (due to my own stupidity) I too was playing through a website (playemulator.com) and hadn't downloaded the ROM, which meant I was playing on Beta 4.2 - allowing me to get up to Pummelo Island but not battle with Drake. I really enjoyed playing through this adventure with Ash's Orange Island team but just can't find it within me right now to start again and go through the 14 hours it took me to get back to that point.


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Hi all,

Just uploaded a new version (Beta 5.5), mainly polish/bugfixes.

Most notable improvements:
- A lot of improved overworld sprites
- Improved tiles in Pallet Town
- Added a healing point in the Pokemon Preserve on Pinkan Island to make the stretch between Sunburst Island and Kinnow Island less of a hassle
- The old lady on Trovita Island gets a more salient position if you haven't gotten the whirlpuller yet
- Some minor bugfixes

Hello Kalarie,
I enjoyed playing your great hack. Keep the quality high and don't rush it, these impatient kids will learn to wait.

The first post says things like: "All Pokemon from Generation I" or "I want to make the Pokedex fully completable"
So I tried it and I'm at Seen: 141 Owned: 139

Missing pokémon:

#031 Nidoqueen(seen), #036 Clefable, #040 Wigglytuff(seen)
Is there a way to find/buy moonstones or any other way to evolve Nidorina, Nidorino, Clefairy and Jigglypuff?

#122 Mr. Mime, #147 Dratini #148, Dragonair #149, Dragonite
Are they catchable/tradable in the current Beta?

#144 Articuno, #145 Zapdos, #146 Moltres #150 Mewtwo, #151 Mew

The legendaries are probably post-story. So I don't need to ask.
Where can you find Clefairy? Its all i need to finish the dex! Please help :)