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Pokémon Orchid [No Longer In Development]


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Please Note: This hack from 2007 is no longer being developed, and was posted here for archival purposes. No support will be offered for this hack or release going forward.

Pokémon Orchid

Pokemon Orchid​

.:Hack of:.

You are a young Trainer starting your journey in a peninsula called Tide Town. You get your first Pokemon and are off on your quest. Along the way, you find you face many rivals and challenges, the infamous Team Rocket being one of them. Can you stop this threat and become a full-fledged Pokemon Master? How many lives will you affect along the way? And what is this green forest Pokemon that's being pursued? Play and find out!

New Region
New Storyline
Johto Starters
New Heros
New and Various Rivals
New Gym Leaders
My Little Green Time-Traveling Friend Catchable!
...And much, much more!

.:Glitches in Current release:.
No! Not my Hall of Fame!
When I say "fixed" it means for the next release, not the current one.
  • You can jump into the snowbanks under the trees in Chilly Canyon. *fixed*
  • Blossom gives you Rock Tomb instead of Bullet Seed. *fixed*
  • Some people's text is cut off. *fixed*
  • Major Glitch! Please read! Do not open the menu in Hailstone City. It will cause the game to freeze and you may lose data. Save when you enter to minimize your risk of losing data.
  • When using an Escape Rope in Whistlewind Woods, you end up in front of the Timber Town Mart instead of in front of the forest.
  • Tide Town's an Island instead of a peninsula. *fixed*
  • There's a Rocket in the middle of nowhere near the Pokemon Center in Tropican City. *fixed*
  • After you defeat the Rocket Admin in the Tropican Jungle Safari Zone, a man appears inside the building you used to enter it. He won't talk to you. *fixed*

Beware, screenshots are my thing...

Alpha's length: Up to the third town. Includes 1 Gym, 2 forests/caves, 3 routes, and 2 major events.​