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Gen II - Crystal Pokémon Red++

Project Status
WIP, getting old content ported to the new engine, and new content designed.


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Pokémon Red++: Not A FireRed Demake™

Get ready for a modernized trip through Kanto and beyond on the GBC. Since the main story is the same as Red/Blue/Yellow, I won't waste too much time explaining how a kid from Pallet Town takes a journey to collect Pokémon, collect badges, and stop Team Rocket along the way. We all know that by now. What I will focus on, however, are things that set this apart from your first trip through Kanto on the Gameboy.

Note: The majority of this thread applies to the still-in-progress v3 release. Info on older releases is near the bottom.

New Features:
  • Play as Red or Leaf.
  • Enjoy greatly improved graphics.
  • Find new areas in Kanto.
  • Explore an enhanced Johto post-game, along with other new areas.
  • Fill your Pokédex with 253 Pokémon without needing to trade with other players.
  • Take on an all new Trick House to win prizes.
  • Master the Battle Tower and other battle facilities.
  • Rematch various trainers.
  • Try your luck with offline Wonder Trade.
  • Enjoy a smoother, modernized experience without the strange Gen 1 bugs.
  • A "Normal" and "Hard" version, with Normal being fairly vanilla difficulty.
  • Optional Nuzlocke mode.
  • No ALL CAPS names shouting at you!

New Gameplay Mechanics:
  • More modern game engine.
  • Abilities and Natures.
  • IVs and EVs, replacing the old system of DVs and Stat EXP.
  • Personality values (Gender, Shininess, etc no longer based on IVs!)
  • Color Variation on Pokemon (In addition to shininess).
  • Some Pokémon have additional special formes.
  • New held items.
  • Gain EXP on capture.
  • New evolution methods.
  • New move pools for all Pokémon, based on modern games when possible.
  • Modern type strength/weakness table, including Fairy type.
  • Modern move effects.
  • Physical/Special/Status split.
  • Gen 5 formula for money loss.
  • Running shoes.
  • Faster surfing speed.
  • Unlimited-use TMs.
  • BW2 Repel System.
  • Chain-Fishing for shinies.
  • Chain-Headbutting for shinies.
  • No fainting from Poison in the overworld.
  • Eggs hatch at lv1.
  • Berry trees, with a variable berry yield.
  • Increased maximum money and coin counts.
  • Bill calls to switch boxes when you fill the current one.
  • Breeding at the Kanto Day Care, no need to wait for post-game.
  • Move Tutors.
  • Move Deleter.
  • Move Reminder.
  • Even more!


Sprite and Graphics Credits:
  • Gamefreak
  • Pyro
  • BettyNewbie
  • Blue Emerald
  • Chamber
  • Danny-E 33
  • Soloo993
  • Berries, Inc.
  • Amvz08
  • Wes
  • Chaos Rush
  • JoltJolteon
  • Kinected Wires
  • Rangi
  • Mateo
  • Wobb
  • Spherical Ice

Additional Credits:
  • The Pret team, for the awesome disassembly projects that made this possible.
  • Miksy91, for teaching me the basics of ASM several years ago.
  • Rangi for tons of code, graphics, maps, etc.
  • FrederIQ for multiple feature code contributions.
  • Danny-E 33 for code help and general advice.
  • Crystal_ for various code help.
  • VictoriaLacroix for their Running Shoes routine.
  • FroggestSpirit, Pum, Pigu, Mmmmmm, and huderlem for redoing lots of great songs for the gbc.
  • Cartmic, for general support over the years and restoring my interest in Gen 1.
  • Pia Carrot, for various sprites, general support, etc.


Version 2 Info:
Version 2.4.2 is the current stable release. It is fully playable, however it is missing a lot of the newer mechanics listed above, and more notably, the graphics are more along the lines of "Pokemon Gold, in Super Gameboy Mode". It also still contains some of the old Gen 1 bugs that were not fixed yet.

There is also an unofficial release available at the source code link above (inside the "Patches" folder) which contains a few additional features to normal v2.4.2 (most notably full Gen 2 style color), however it also includes a handful of additional bugs, such as a broken daycare, so it was not intended as an official release. Play the unofficial versions at your own risk.

Version 2 Downloads:
Both the official and unofficial, normal and hard patches can be downloaded here.
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