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Pokémon Scorched Earth

Hello and welcome! I'm working on a hack right now called Pokémon Scorched Earth. It will feature:

Pokédex of 386

Volcanic environment

New moves

Pokémon from generations 1-7

Plot centering around Team Magma and Groudon

Appearances by Kyogre and Rayquaza

Will use Leon's Ultimate ROM Base

Only 1 region!

Region map:

After the events of emerald, groudon dug away and went to a new region, as well as kyogre swam there to escape Team Magma and Aqua, respectively. Rayquaza saw and and followed them to the new region. Team Magma and Aqua, meanwhile, in an alternate universe when they weren’t disbanded and Archie and Maxie continued to lead, thus being much more evil than they were in the original games, have held on to the Blue and Red orbs, respectively. Several years later, Aqua and Magma are trying desperately to free kyogre and groudon from the chambers the Pokemon sealed themselves and went dormant in. In all of this, a man named Girov has decided to join.


Girov has finally made it up to the top of the mountain Rayquaza resides, and Girov battles Rayquaza. After a long hard battle, Rayquaza is defeated and caught. A fourth team, led by Zinnia, called Team Delta, is out to stop Girov, Magma, and Aqua. Their Head Admin, Derik, battles Girov. Girov has a team of 5 level 40s and Rayquaza. The battle is hastily lost. Girov takes the loot in the tomb / tunnel Rayquaza was guarding, but is more interested in a bizarre rock. Girov takes it, a shock wave shakes the mountain, and it opens all of the secret ruins around the region containing legendary pokemon. Except Groudon and Kyogre. Silver then flies away with his Pokemon that knows Fly. You awake a few months later in a quiet town. You join Team Delta. You are determined to stop Girov. During this time, Team Magma and Team Aqua realized that all of the previously locked sites with legends except groudon and kyogre are unlocked. Team Magma also realized that they built they're base at the wrong volcano, which houses Moltres not groudon. Both teams have the same thought-use their Pokemon, with the help of the legendary pokemon, to blow open the lairs of the land and sea god Groudon and Kyogre. Team Delta stays out of their way for now and builds a base on rayquaza mountain. Girov has a plan of waiting for the two rival organizations to exhaust each other, then swoop in and steal the weakened legendaries. He lurks in the Shadows. In all of this, the elite four, who live on a secluded mountain island training as hard as they can, don't hear about the news.

Legendaries and Mythicals in the region (non-numbered means alt forms not catchable in the overworld):
1. Moltres
2. Latios
3. Latias
4. Kyogre
5. Groudon
6. Rayquaza
7. Heatran
8. Terrakion
9. Keldeo
10. Landorus
11. Zygarde

Pokedex: https://hastebin.com/akayadowed.md

Team Name: Team Rayquaza




PGE, G3T, and G3HS using


Looking for:



PGE, G3T, and G3HS users


Sprite Inserters

Tile Inserters


Palette Editors

Team Members:
Ex Snagem Wes
Cult of Split Personalities

Update 2: Looking for sprite inserters!

Update 3: Region map:
Update 4: Looking for tileset inserters!

Update 5: Looking for spriters!

Update 6: Looking for specifically a palette editor!

PM, reply, or visit either of the 2 Discords to apply!

Team Rayquaza: https://discord.gg/f8Au5BU

Pokémon Scorched Earth: https://discord.gg/tcgCChc
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