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Pokemon Springfield, a hack for my kids. Need help!

So my youngest two boys are getting into pokemon. They have played FR/LG, and Ruby/Sapphire. Without any Nintendo DSs in the house, were limited to what we can play. My two boys have low-end android devices just powerful enough to run MyBoy at a decent speed.

They have grown kind of bored with the official games, so I started a project a couple weeks ago to make a Rom Hack based on our town, with people they know locally. I've gotten permission from the places, and people I intend to use in the rom hack, so that's not really an issue. The issue is, i'm still learning (Teaching myself) how to do this stuff. I've come across several dead websites, and finally found this one. Hopefully I can find some help.

My kids love Pokemon, and I want to make this game. I have a massive collection of tools from the various websites around. I've learned quite a bit in the short time i've been on this project. Hopefully some of you wonderful, knowledgable rom hackers can lend a hand. It will make a couple kids overjoyed.

With that said, i'm looking for a few people that wouldn't mind helping me with this project. It's not for profit, and I can't pay anything. I'm a single father of 4 wonderful kiddos, so money is really tight.

If anyone is interested, please respond here, or shoot me a Private Message; whichever you prefer.

Thanks in advance! Rom hacking is AWESOME!

Much love!