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Gen III - FireRed Pokemon Titanium Beta 1

Project Status
The Continuation Story of Blast Burn where Red/Leaf went to Nawe Region for him/her to find the Person who defeated him/her in a Pokemon Battle, which is the Champion of Nawe Region. Three years had past when Red/Leaf went to Nawe with his/her partner Lucario. With his/her adventure in Nawe Region he/she will encounter New Rivals and New Enemies. Will Red/Leaf be able to defeat the Nawe Champion? Will Red/Leaf be able to stop the Challenges he/she might encounter in his/her adventure in Nawe Region?

New Story
DS Sprites
New Rivals
PSS System
Secret Grotto
Mega In Battle
Day and Night System
Running Shoes Indoors

Shiny Pokemon are easier to encounter
From Gen 1-7 Pokemon (All Catchable)

Next Update
New Tileset
New Sprites
Gyms and story continuation.
Bugs and Glitches will be fixed

PKMON Titaniumbeta21.png

Current Progress
Still in Beta 1 Version and it will end on the First Town.

Dual Battle is Broken hope I'll be able to fix it on the Next Update.
The Game : Tileset (Even though he does not want a credit still he deserves it.)
NoPenNameGirl : Red Overwold Sprites (Even though she does not want a credit still she deserves it.)
tebited15 : Prof. Oak and Gary Overworld Sprites
MrDollSteak : The DS-style 64x64 Pokémon Sprite Resource
Gamefreak : The Other Overwolrds that originally ripped from Pokemon Black/White Version.



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