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[PokéShiro] Likes and Dislikes and Opinions on Grinding

Hello there, I'm Rob. You may know me from my other PokéShiro posts on this site, or over on Skeetendo.

Reading through the current "Hack Discussion" threads got me thinking. As much as I want to stick to my vision to an extent, getting feedback from you guys would definitely be helpful.

Especially considering, that unlike most, I purposefully find myself at least 10 or 20 levels above everything in my way in a standard Pokémon game, and I usually run a team of 6.
An example would be me in Fire Red, at the sixth badge, but I have a team of level 60 - 70s. Or, perhaps, in X/Y where I had a team of 70s, 80s, and 90s at the Elite Four, if memory serves me correctly.

The major reasoning for this is the fact that I enjoy grinding to an extent, so I could easily get lost spending a few hours doing nothing but grinding, and enjoy it.
I'm still able to go through the game quite quickly, but grinding has always been something I'm known to do in RPGs.

Even when I just did my run through the Pokémon Orange Beta, I ended up approximately 5 to 10 levels higher than just about everything. When the wild Pokémon were level 20 - 22, I was 40 - 46, with my weakest Pokémon being 36.

So, reading through the discussions about how most people tend to hate grinding, as well as disliking an increase in difficulty got me thinking.

Though I'm aware that most hate grinding, I personally always felt a little grinding in RPGs was almost necessary. Of course, you don't want someone to have to grind an insane degree, but give them an option to, to make it a little easier.

I personally like to line up two methods.

The first being, "Grind a little!"
Enjoy the music, take a look at the sprites, relax, and just unwind.

The second being, "Work smarter, not harder."
Simply allow the player to win using strategy alone.

While not everyone can do the second option, it should always be present. It drives the player to want to overcome an obstacle.

An example would be Brock's Pokémon being 4 - 6 levels higher than normal in PokéShiro, with him having a level 12 Geodude, and a level 16 Onix.

Usually, by the time I face Brock, I have a level 20+ Wartortle, and whatever else I decide to bring with. This usually being a level 16 Pidgeotto, and perhaps something else.

So him having a level 12 and 16 seems like it would work well for others.

My rule of thumb for these situations is, "Make it slightly harder, but don't force grinding."

Another way to look at it is, "Have them do what you would do, but only half, or a little less."

Though, I suppose, the second way of looking at it could be easily misinterpreted.

Besides, they're Gym Leaders, they're supposed to be a challenge. Every trainer that walks in shouldn't win, if they aren't prepared.

Similar to how I like to play through an entire Pokémon game without ever using an medicinal item, and/or never using an evolved Pokémon, and never allowing a Pokémon to learn more than one HM.

Sure, I'm a little over-levelled usually, but I compensate for that by making it harder on myself.

That's just how I tend to enjoy the games usually.

I also found that most tend to not want to complete the Dex, whether it being 800+ or 151.

I also personally like giving people the option to do so, and trying to complete the Dex would definitely be helpful in defeating the challenges that lie ahead.

As a person that is more interested in Generation I and Generation II Hacks, I usually will be leaving the available Pokémon alone, with maybe a few slight additions.

However, I like to remove the fact that you have to trade other players for game specific Pokémon, such as Mankey, or Sandshrew.

Allowing you to complete the Dex alone if you need to.

My personal hopes for this project, though it will take awhile, is that some test it and give feedback if they think the difficulty is too high, or too low in places. While the Rival should almost always be higher than you, if you never grind a little or run a team of 5/6, the rest is definitely up for debate. I personally like to balance the difficulty with the 'fun' factor, but perhaps I can make different difficulty versions for different people, if I ever have the time to.

PokéShiro originally started as a personal project, and it will probably remain that way for the most part. But, after taking the dive into Assembly, and thinking it over, I figured some may enjoy it as much as I do.

I would definitely like to add more opportunities for battles and to make sure it remains balanced in its execution, allowing for more battles to level yourself, and learn mechanics, or avoid them and try for a challenge.

Honestly, any feedback is welcome. I truly hope that this project can bring joy to those of you reading.

Thank you.

If any of you have questions about the project or want to test a copy, that is also welcome as well.

Hell, if you just have an idea you'd like to see included, go ahead and send it my way as well. Who knows? It may just be included!

Regardless, thank you all for reading, and I may edit this later with some more ideas.

Take care, and I hope to see you all real soon.

Sincerely yours,
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