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Tool PretMap | Map Editor for the Pokeruby Disassembly and Decompilation Project

Compatible Base ROMs
PKMN Ruby, PKMN Sapphire


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Hi. I can't believe that no one posted this over here yet.

-Small Introduction-
PoryMap is the first and only usable map editor that is compatible with the disassembly and decompilation projects of the GBA Pokémon Games.


: Please skip from the Minute 02:01 to the Minute 04:18.
Rebuilding took a while because it uses the CPU mainly and not only mine is weak af, it was also being used by the software I recorded the video with.

Pre-Compiled Build
: http://www.mediafire.com/file/z1nefimr7ysr5q9/porymap-windows-1.0.6.zip/file
Source Code: https://github.com/huderlem/porymap

Padz created PoryMap and ShantyTown/Yenatch is the one who's currently developing it.
All the credits are absolutely theirs.

And that's it.​
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Hi. Can you compile the new version when you get a chance please?
I'll take the chance to explain a few things.

PretMap has been rebranded as PoryMap after some internal issues among Pret.
This is the latest build: http://www.mediafire.com/file/z1nefimr7ysr5q9/porymap-windows-1.0.6.zip/file
And this is its GitHub Repo: https://github.com/huderlem/porymap
Also, it will only work with the latest repository of Pokeruby and Pokeemerald due to some tileset related changes.