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Tool PretMap | Map Editor for the Pokeruby Disassembly and Decompilation Project

Compatible Base ROMs
PKMN Ruby, PKMN Sapphire


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Hi. I can't believe that no one posted this over here yet.

-Small Introduction-
PretMap is the first and only usable map editor that is compatible with the disassembly and decompilation projects of the GBA Pokémon Games.
Right now, it is only compatible with Pokeruby but sooner than later it'll also be compatible with Pokeemerald too, I'm sure.


: Please skip from the Minute 02:01 to the Minute 04:18.
Rebuilding took a while because it uses the CPU mainly and not only mine is weak af, it was also being used by the software I recorded the video with.

Pre-Compiled Build: http://www.mediafire.com/file/417wmi1dir1u2gg/pretmap-1.0.2.zip
Source Code: http://www.github.com/yenatch/pretmap
Changelog: Click Here.

Padz created PretMap and ShantyTown/Yenatch is the one who's currently developing it.
All the credits are absolutely theirs.

And that's it.​
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